This Drowned Mexican Church Is Spooky As Hell

Brendan O'Connor · 10/19/15 05:51PM

For the second time in a little over a decade, a drought so severe has hit southern Mexico that water levels have dropped 82 feet—low enough to reveal the 16th-century church at the bottom of the Nezahualcoyotl reservoir, a watershed of the Grijalva river.

Texas Church Calling Obama a 'Muslim Communist' Could Have Its Tax-Exempt Status Revoked

Cord Jefferson · 10/22/12 12:55PM

The small town of Leakey, Texas (pop. 387), is stirring with an excitement not felt since the Leakey High Eagles last won the state football championship in 1975. But this latest stir has less to do with victory and far more to do with pure ignorant hatred, compliments of Leakey's nondenominational Church in the Valley.

God Not Saving Churches From Foreclosure

Hamilton Nolan · 01/25/11 11:06AM

"Since 2008, nearly 200 religious facilities have been foreclosed on by banks, up from eight during the previous two years and virtually none in the decade before that." We'll tastefully omit the gloating and obvious theological jokes. [WSJ. Photo via]

Does This Domed Christian Church Look Muslim to You?

Jim Newell · 11/15/10 05:58PM

A non-denominational Christian church under construction in Phoenix will have a dome. A dome on a church? To neighborhood residents, this doesn't add up. It must be a mosque, from which Islamic radicals will impose Sharia law on America.

The Top 15 Weirdest Christian Videos

Christian Nightmares · 11/07/10 03:00PM

It's Sunday, did you go to church today? Chances are, that even if you did it wasn't as weird as any of these videos.

How a Dinosaur Got Inside a Church

Max Read · 10/30/10 11:43AM

An Italian paleontologist has discovered a fossilized dinosaur skull inside a small town cathedral. Yes, an actual dinosaur skull! In a church! How did it get there? Did Jesus kill it?!

US Economy Crippled by Churches

Hamilton Nolan · 12/28/09 09:46AM

How is the American economy supposed to limp its way back towards some pitiful semblance of prosperity when every time a city has a nice space that would be perfect for a cash-earning business, woops, a church just stole it?

God Wishes His Disciples Weren't So Broke

Hamilton Nolan · 08/11/09 11:28AM

The Way We Live Now: Splendidly! Assuming we're in one of the right fields: Wall Street trading, administration of 501(c)3 canine charity groups, or lottery ticket buying. Everyone else: buzz off, brokies. That means you, Jesus!