School District Tells Football Coach to Stop Public Prayers, Coach Doesn't, Guess What Happens

Jay Hathaway · 10/29/15 10:00AM

An assistant high school football coach in Bremerton, Wash. became the center of a national controversy after school district officials asked him to stop leading public Christian prayers on the 50-yard line after games and Fox News got ahold of the story. Coach Joe Kennedy did not stop the prayers, and guess what? The district has put him on administrative leave, the Seattle Times reports.

Allen West Thinks School-Sponsored Prayer Will Stop Football Injuries

Ashley Feinberg · 04/21/15 01:40PM

Disgraced Floridian and former congressman Allen West took some time recently to address a Texas conservative group about the dangers of separating church and state—dangers like grievous football injuries, specifically. But thankfully, that ain’t nothing a little prayer can’t fix.

John Oliver Has Had Enough of Ads Disguised as News Stories

Jay Hathaway · 08/04/14 09:06AM

John Oliver's big topic on the latest Last Week Tonight was the crumbling wall between news and advertising, an invisible ethical forcefield that used to be known as the "separation of church and state."

Public University Tries to Create a Christian Dorm

Hamilton Nolan · 08/05/13 12:04PM

Just when you think that the state of Alabama has taken the summer off from providing fodder for desperate bloggers, Troy University— a public university, based in Alabama— goes and announces it's opening a brand new dorm just for Christians.