Did These Hospital Employees Really Trap a Live Chupacabra?

Matt Cherette · 08/17/11 09:35PM

If you veer just outside Washington, DC, you'll find Cheverly, Maryland's Prince George's Hospital Center. And if you veer into the woods just outside the hospital's doors, you'll find... a chupacabra?

Texas Teen Claims to Have Shot and Killed a Chupacabra

Matt Cherette · 07/21/11 10:41PM

Thirteen-year-old Carter Pope woke up in his home near San Antonio, Texas last Sunday to the sight of a hairless, grey creature moving slowly across his backyard. "That's a chupacabra," thought Carter before grabbing a rifle and firing three deadly shots at the animal. So did Carter really kill a chupacabra, the elusive beast of lore, or was it simply a really ugly bear/coyote/raccoon? Watch this video and decide for yourself. [WOAI]

Scaly Sea Monster Discovered Under Brooklyn Bridge

Maureen O'Connor · 05/26/11 11:19AM

On his evening commute, a Manhattan cyclist spied a strange beast at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge. It had the scales of a fish, body of a serpent, head of a pit bull, and was the size of a large alligator. It was lying on a blue blanket, perhaps part of some strange ritual involving the can of Bud Light next to it. Unless these are the remains of a beer-swilling chupahipstera that died trying to reach Manhattan?

El Chupacabra Is Actually Natasha Henstridge in Species

Max Read · 03/22/11 11:55PM

Everyone knows that the Chupacabra, or goatsucker, is a terrifying bipedal livestock vampire who lives in Puerto Rico. But what if... the Chupacabra wasn't real? And what if... it were actually Natasha Henstridge from the 1995 sci-fi horror movie Species?