The Chuck-Bin Laden Connection

Seth Abramovitch · 05/03/11 03:14AM

On tonight's Chuck, a character heads to a shooting range holding his "favorite target" — a picture of Bin Laden with gun sights on his head and chest. Mere coincidence? Or was this assassination brought to you by Subway? [Deadline]

Chuck Keeps Delivering Great Movie References

Matt Toder · 11/30/10 01:54PM

Chuck knows its way around a good cultural allusion, the show's been full of lines and references to various action movies and elements of culture. This week was no exception and Chuck delivered two great ones.

Sarah Walker Kicked A Lot of Butt on Last Night's Chuck

Matt Toder · 11/23/10 02:57PM

On last night's Chuck, Sarah Walker was on a mission to save her man in the jungles of Thailand, and she had to kick a lot of butt to get the job done. Inside, a compilation of her fight scenes.

Is Leonardo DiCaprio the Great Gatsby?

Richard Lawson · 10/19/10 03:12PM

He just might be if rumors are to be believed. Also today: News about three of your favorite NBC shows, Ben Affleck mulls his next directing project, and some small bits of casting.

Chuck Finale Reveals The Best Spies Are All Buttons

Chris Dignes · 05/25/10 01:13PM

In his latest attempt to dismantle The Ring, Chuck shows how the best spies are products of their environments—providing their environments have buttons that fire missiles or upload computers to your brain.

LIVE: Chuck, Season Three Finale

Roger Cormier · 05/24/10 06:00PM

"It's finally here: the two-hour season finale of "Chuck". How much trouble is Chuck in now that Shaw has been intersected? Will Quantum Dad help? Why was The Ring still making food drops years after leaving the island? Wait...

LIVE: Chuck, Season Three, Episode Seventeen

Roger Cormier · 05/17/10 06:00PM

The Republic of Buymoria is still rejoicing from the news that NBC renewed Chuck for another season. However there are some citizens of the fair land that are too distracted with nightmares of Superman to celebrate.

Chuck's Opening Sequence Has a Hart to Hart

Whitney Jefferson · 05/04/10 11:55AM

Chuck returned from a brief hiatus last night and delighted fans with a nod the 1979 series Hart to Hart. Now that Chuck and Sarah have officially gotten together, let's hope for more retro "a spy and his girl" introductions.