Grownups Are Worried About The Chronic

Hamilton Nolan · 06/08/11 11:58AM

In the olden days, your parents used to smoke weed that was not chemically distinguishable from banana peels, which gave them a "hippy dippy" feeling, the most dangerous side effect of which was an affinity for neo-folk tunes. Today, you kids smoke chronic and shoot each other, or at least make up "freestyle raps" about same.

A Marijuana Tree Grows in Manhattan

Richard Lawson · 06/14/10 04:58PM

In Union Square, to be exact. Some seeds were either deliberately planted or tossed to the ground during joint-rolling and now this weed-looking plant has sprung up in the park. An editor at High Times thinks it's the real deal.

Willie and Snoop: Together at Last!

ian spiegelman · 04/26/08 12:30PM

Stoner heroes Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson got together in Amsterdam to perform "Superman." Video after the jump.