4Chan's Founder Is Right About Online Identity

Adrian Chen · 10/18/11 04:55PM

23-year-old 4chan founder Christopher Poole (aka "moot") has fashioned himself as a sort of anti-Mark Zuckerberg, favoring anonymity and a certain messiness to Facebook's domain of spotless white walls and sterile profile pics. He's made a stir again by directly attacking Facebook's approach to identity.

4chan Is Not Very Scary In Real Life

Adrian Chen · 01/15/11 04:45PM

What's the Internet's scariest hivemind like in real life? A bunch of geeky twenty-somethings hanging out in a bar in Brooklyn. This is what I learned last night at the first official meetup for the notorious message board 4chan.

4chan Censors Itself

Adrian Chen · 11/19/10 12:34AM

The notorious message board 4chan's young founder has fashioned himself as a champion of extreme free speech on the Internet. But blatant censorship is occurring on 4chan right now, after its users attacked a target too close to home.

4chan Founder Is Not a Fan of 'Chubbies'

Adrian Chen · 11/04/10 07:38PM

This week, 4chan's 22-year-old founder, Christopher Poole (AKA "Moot"), held an extensive Q&A with users of the anarchic site's /b/ messageboard. The discussion ranged from technical details, to the rewards of fame, to sex. Lots of sex.

4chan Founder Tries To Explain 'B-Tard' To Federal Prosecutors

Ryan Tate · 08/10/10 02:26PM

Called to testify against the Sarah Palin email "hacker," 4chan founder Chris Poole somehow found himself delivering a federal courtroom tutorial on the meaning of "newfag" and other slang from his anarchic message board. Lulz are now in session.

4chan Founder Seeks Hackers

Ryan Tate · 07/27/10 07:53PM

Chris Poole is looking for hackers for his new startup Canvas Networks, which is pretty strange considering the last website he started, 4chan, is notoriously a place teeming with, uh, hackers. Going legit isn't always an intuitive process.

4chan Founder Gets Funding For Mystery Startup

Adrian Chen · 05/14/10 06:05PM

Christopher Poole (aka "Moot") founded the unruly message board 4chan as a place for anime enthusiasts to hang out. Now it's a crazy, sometimes-scary morass of nascent memes, porn, racism. But Poole is about to go legit.