Drunk & Disorderly: Faces Of The Golden Globes

Timothy Burke · 01/16/12 08:00AM

Awards shows are compelling because they're occasions for the rich, famous, and beautiful to go above and beyond to the apogee of glamor. The Golden Globes, however—mostly due to the mass quantities of alcohol and other substances in close proximity—are often the occasion for the glamorous to become beastlike in the blink of an eye. (Except Kate Winslet. She is never not absolutely fabulous.)

What's Opening in Theaters This Weekend

Richard Lawson · 06/03/11 06:35PM

Another weekend is here, bringing another batch of new movies. And why waste these couple days riding your tandem bicycle around and smelling flowers when you could be sitting in a dark room watching old gay men die and parents cry about a school shooting and magical mutant kids blowing up boats and stuff? This is what summer's all about!

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: Hello Darkness

Richard Lawson · 06/01/11 11:57AM

Here's a trailer for the American (read: real) version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, a movie adaptation of the late Stieg Larsson's hugely popular mystery novel. A redband "bootlegged" trailer popped up over the weekend, but this here is the official one.

Priest: Paul Bettany Sure Does Like Paychecks

Richard Lawson · 01/11/11 02:33PM

Here's a new trailer for Priest, a post-apocalyptic vampire thriller in which priests are the protectors of humanity. So it's very unlike the apocalyptic demon thriller in which an angel is the protector of humanity that Bettany was recently in.

Christopher Plummer Thinks 'Parnassus' Can Be Saved Using Stills And Something He's Pretty Sure Is Called CGI

Mark Graham · 01/28/08 08:12PM

When we last checked in on the status of The Imaginarium Of Dr. Parnassus, the Terry Gilliam joint that featured the final work that Heath Ledger committed to celluloid, the project looked to be in serious jeopardy. However, as we should have all learned by now, it's impossible to underestimate the power of creativity in Hollywood, especially when a $30 million production budget is on the line. According to an interview that Christopher Plummer gave to People (and since when is he on the radar of People, anyway?), the project hasn't been shitcanned quite yet: