What Are the Worst Political Christmas Decorations You've Seen?

Jordan Sargent · 12/14/15 03:55PM

Here is a plainly delightful story. As a means of enchanting neighborhood children as well as advertising that all dinner parties at their home will be very uncomfortable, a family in Maine decided to express their disdain for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant with a Christmas decoration that depicts the jolly folk hero Santa Claus urinating on lights that spell out the acronym “ISIS.”

Body-Building Ambassador Poses for Christmas Card Wearing Mostly Paint

Hudson Hongo · 01/11/15 07:20PM

Among other things, Bruce Oreck is a former body-builder, the son vacuum magnate David Oreck and the U.S. Ambassador to Finland. But far more importantly, he's the winner of the State Department's (imaginary) "Best Christmas Card" contest three years running, thanks to ambitiously weird images like this one, released via Oreck's Facebook on Wednesday.

Christmas at Amazon: One Man's Story

Hamilton Nolan · 12/30/14 11:15AM

What is it like to work at an Amazon warehouse during the annual holiday rush? One Amazon warehouse employee kindly narrated the "nonstop chaos" for us over the past month.

Tell Us Your Holiday Horror Stories

Gabrielle Bluestone · 12/25/14 12:55PM

By now, most of your presents are opened, the torn, crumpled wrapping paper strewn among the dry pine needles on the floor. The egg nog is dangerously low, and you've probably started to run out of ways to distract yourself from your family. But fear not, dear reader, for someone probably has it worse than you.

Can You Smell What the Rock Is Karaoking?

Dayna Evans · 12/24/14 11:40AM

Perhaps feeling pressured to show up in the wake of his shorter costar's karaoke successes, Dwayne "The Rock" "Can u smell what the rock is cookin'" Johnson gave a try at some karaoke singing himself. On this morning's episode of LIVE With Kelly and Michael, a rock melted viewers' hearts with a go-get-em rendition of "Here Comes Santa Claus," featuring a cameo from everyone's favorite fat guy with a bag.