When Will Mike Make Up His Mind?

cityfile · 09/02/08 07:26AM

Some folks aren't all that happy that Michael Bloomberg has yet to decide whether he's going to try and revise the city's term limit laws and seek a third term as mayor, or find something else to do with his vast wealth and influence when his term runs out next year. So who's unhappy, exactly? All the people who were planning to run themselves, until the mayor mucked up their plans and suggested he might not be opposed to changing the law and serving out another term.

Happy Birthday!

cityfile · 07/25/08 06:20AM

Happy 42nd, Christine Quinn! Other people around town celebrating today: Iman is 53, Mets pitcher Billy Wagner is 37, and restaurateur Geoffrey Zakarian is turning 49. Celebs celebrating this weekend: Kevin Spacey will be 49, Kate Beckinsale will turn 35, Mick Jagger will celebrate his 65th, and Sandra Bullock will be 44. Misshapes' Leigh Lezark will turn 24 tomorrow. Artist Tom Sachs will turn 42. Architect Hugh Hardy will be 76. On Sunday, Alex Rodriguez will turn 33. He shares his birthday with Taxi & Limousine commisioner Matthew Daus, hedge fund manager Timothy Barakett, and artist Dash Snow.

Chris Quinn's Expanding War Chest

cityfile · 07/16/08 12:08PM

The Observer has the deets on the people who have been filling up Christine Quinn's campaign coffers. The council speaker raised $620,000 over the past six months from the likes of Daryl Roth (wife of Steve Roth), real estate mogul/occasional literary agent Francis Greenburger, Veronica Hackett of the Clarett Group, and Caryn Eyring who works for Charlie Bendit, the co-founder of Taconic Investment Partners. [NYO]

Christine Quinn

cityfile · 02/03/08 10:48PM

Christine Quinn is the speaker of the New York City Council, a mayoral-candidate-in-training, and the most powerful lesbian in New York. Long Island-born Quinn got her start in politics in 1989, working in grassroots housing activism. Two years later she went to work as chief of staff for Tom Duane, the openly gay councilman in Chelsea, leaving in the mid-'90s to head up the New York City Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project. In 1999, Quinn won a Council seat representing Chelsea, succeeding her old boss. As a councilmember, Quinn was defiantly independent, pushing to provide health care benefits to domestic partners even though Mayor Bloomberg was opposed, and opposing the proposed West Side Stadium, one of the mayor's pet projects. When elected as speaker in 2006, Quinn was the first woman speaker, the first gay speaker, and, as her father insisted on pointing out, the first Irish-American speaker in Council history. She proved herself a canny politician in this speaker role, cozying up to the city's business establishment and supporting various big development projects. The transition wasn't altogether surprising considering her hopes to take over from Bloomberg as mayor. In 2008, Quinn became entangled in a federal probe exposing a longstanding City Council practice of appropriating funds to fake organizations. Though she apologized for permitting the practice and quickly reformed the discretionary spending process, the scandal left her a bit tainted, particularly in the wake of embarrassing revelations from fellow politicians like Eliot Spitzer and David Paterson. Quinn lives with her partner, attorney Kim Catullo, and their two dogs, Andy and Sadie. Aptly, the housing crusader's place in Chelsea is rent-stabilized.

abalk · 07/11/07 02:39PM

Andrea Peyser takes City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to task for not personally slapping the visitor's pass out of a fired city council aide's hands. The 'Peys seems particularly exercised by Quinn's ass and its political viability. [NYP]