Stephen Colbert Dissects Christine O'Donnell's Endorsement of Mitt Romney

Matt Toder · 12/15/11 12:20AM

On tonight's Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert re-examined the Republican race now that Christine O'Donnell has endorsed Mitt Romney. It's a great excuse to run down the list of the other big names who have thrown their support behind the candidates. Except for Rick Santorum who is endorsing himself.

No One Wants to Dress Up as a Politician This Halloween

Jim Newell · 10/28/11 04:44PM

The Washington Post reports, somewhat anecdotally, that the wiseacres who usually dress up as a comical political figure for Halloween would rather just go as someone unrelated to politics this year, as the horror of thinking about our broken system is now too too depressing, even on Halloween.

Planned Palin, O'Donnell Rally Confuses Living Hell Out of Everybody

Jim Newell · 08/31/11 01:22PM

Sarah Palin has long planned to attend an Iowa rally organized by the Tea Party of America on September 3. The Tea Party folks invited popular author Christine O'Donnell to speak there, too! A fine catch, to be sure. But when you lump so many historically unreliable people and groups together, things tend to fall apart in comical fashion.

Christine O'Donnell Delivers Muggle-Proof Message to Followers

Seth Abramovitch · 08/31/11 01:15AM

Feeling perhaps a little down in the dumps over poor book sales and a rescinded invitation to be Sarah Palin's warm-up comic, Christine O'Donnell retreated to the comfort of her Twitter feed today. There she delivered an electrifying message to her core constituency of spellcasters, shamans, and Vodou high priestesses, which, as best as we can make out using what we remember from 6th grade Wiccanese, foretells Palin and the president waking up this morning having swapped bodies. [Wonkette]

Comment of the Day: Christine O'Donnell's Book Slogan

Richard Lawson · 08/30/11 05:49PM

Today we heard the sad news that the amount of people who will show up to a Christine O'Donnell book signing is none. Approximately none people. Oops. What will Christine O'Donnell say about this? One commenter knows.

Christine O'Donnell Walks Out of Piers Morgan Tonight Interview

Matt Cherette · 08/17/11 08:12PM

Onetime Senate candidate and current memoir-hawker Christine O'Donnell taped an interview with Piers Morgan this afternoon. It didn't go as expected, though. After being asked about gay marriage by a "rude" Morgan (who shot back by describing her as "weird"), O'Donnell stormed off the CNN set mid-interview. And yet as you'll see above, Morgan and O'Donnell's tiff probably made for much better entertainment than anything she said in her book.