Playing the 'Radar' Name Game

Jessica · 05/16/06 01:14PM

We're getting some mixed responses as to who's working with Maer Roshan on Radar 3.0; besides possibly Remy Stern and definitely Chris Tennant, there's reportedly a third hire and maybe, we're told, there's a fourth in the mix. One name we keep hearing is freelancer Tyler Gray, a contributing writer for Radar 2.0. Gray wrote some of the magazine's longer pieces, and Maer may be bringing him on in a more involved role. Makes sense, though we imagine a full-time gig would infringe on Gray's Disneyworld time.

Payola Six: 'NY Press' Plays Nice, Cuts Dechert Loose?

Jessica · 04/25/06 02:59PM

As are a great deal of our favorite items, this is completely unconfirmed — but we'd like to put it out there anyhow: We're hearing that wildly unpopular and infamously skeezy writer Doug Dechert has lost his column at the New York Press after just one installment. His debut was last week's issue, in which he wrote the cover story about Payola Six and, more specifically, Richard Johnson's wedding. We had found the item at the very least amusing, but it later came to light that Dechert had crashed the wedding (makes sense, as no one in their right mind would want him there), whereas the column read as if he were an invited guest. That might piss off an editor or two.

Payola Six: Poopy Pants Are Not Tolerated

Jessica · 04/20/06 10:16AM

Nice cover story in the latest New York Press on the Payola Six scandal — so maybe they're a week late to the party, but they still bring with them some nice treats. Doug Dechert attended (UPDATE: make that "crashed") Page Six editor Richard Johnson and Sessa von Richthofen's wedding festivities, reporting that guests were concerned that Sessa's supposedly aristocratic father was "really born on the wrong side of the blanket and only adopted his father's family name later in life." How mortifying to have your wedding guests tittering that you might just be of average lineage.

He Prefers Works From the Hudson River School

Jessica · 04/17/06 04:10PM

Though we're trying our hardest to forget the fun of this past weekend, we couldn't help but notice a gem in the mailbag from Jared Paul Stern's poo-slinging tenure as guest editor. We'll share it without comment: