Bret Baier on Roger Ailes Ouster Report: "Ugh"

Alex Pareene · 07/19/16 03:54PM

CLEVELAND — Earlier this afternoon, Ashley and I stumbled upon Fox News’s Bret Baier and Chris Wallace livestreaming a discussion from a Facebook booth adjacent to the convention center, where most of the campaign press work when not in the arena.

Dick Cheney, Fox News Troll Journalists, Liberals

Max Read · 09/04/11 02:20PM

Dick Cheney, fresh off the publication of his new chapbook of mystic poems inspired by the work of Duccio di Buoninsegna, appeared on Fox News Sunday today. What did he and host Chris Wallace do? Said stupid attention-grabbing things with almost no substance at all, such as, and I'm paraphrasing here, "Hillary Clinton would have been easier to work with than Barack Obama and also I am a horrible war criminal who shot an old man in the face."

Jon Stewart Reads Off Laundry List of False Statements by 'Lying Dynasty' Fox News

Matt Cherette · 06/21/11 10:39PM

Jon Stewart has always been critical of Fox News, but this week, the Daily Show host turned the volume up several notches. After shaming the network for selectively editing his Fox News Sunday interview with Chris Wallace on yesterday's program, Stewart spent several minutes tonight reading off a list of statements by Fox that independent fact-checking organization PolitiFact has proven to be false.

Jon Stewart Rips Fox News for Editing His Chat with Chris Wallace

Matt Cherette · 06/20/11 10:32PM

Jon Stewart appeared on Fox News Sunday yesterday for what turned out to be a pretty contentious chat with Chris Wallace. On tonight's Daily Show, Stewart said that Fox News had edited the interview in a way that not only made him appear erratic, but also omitted a statement by Wallace in which Stewart believes he admitted the network's conservative bias. Video of Stewart's rant is above.

Jon Stewart Uses Big Words on Fox News

Max Read · 06/19/11 03:03PM

Daily Show host Jon Stewart entered the Fox News lion's den for the third time today, appearing on Fox News Sunday opposite Chris Wallace and having the exact same argument about the media that he had with... well, that he tried to have with Tucker Carlson back in 2004. It was infuriating! Not because of Stewart, who is an able if at times frustratingly conciliatory interlocutor, but because of Chris Wallace, who is a huge, silly boob. Above, Stewart tries to make a point, using big words; Wallace responds by showing a clip from Comedy Central's roast of Pamela Anderson. If you have the desire, or the patience, to wach the whole thing, you can find it here.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 10/12/09 07:06AM

Hugh Jackman turns 41 today. Architect Richard Meier is turning 75. Jeweler David Yurman is 67. Novelist Richard Price is turning 60. Fox News' Chris Wallace turns 62. Katherine Farley, the new chairwoman of Lincoln Center and the wife of real estate honcho Jerry Speyer, is 60. Model/actress Irina Pantaeva turns 37. Former track and field star Marion Jones turns 34. Agent/producer Bryan Bantry is 53. Marko Jarić, the basketball player better known as Adriana Lima's baby-daddy, is turning 31. And actor-turned-Christian evangelist Kirk Cameron celebrates his 39th birthday today.

Chris Wallace Defends Bush Against Mean Ron Howard

Pareene · 12/02/08 11:46AM

Ron Howard, TV's Opie, just directed the film version of Frost/Nixon, because the man knows Oscar-bait when he sees it. And also, sure, because it's politically relevant or something. Howard, the very definition of American Middlebrow, is not a political director, though this year he endorsed Obama because he is a Hollyweird liberal (like his godless pal Andy Griffith). At a recent screening of the film, Howard mentioned how the lessons of Nixon became newly relevant during the Bush administration. Shocking! Good thing Fox News anchor and noted objective journalist Chris Wallace was there to set him straight! Nixon was a crook, see, and Bush is a hero.

Daily Show's First Jokes About First Black President

Ryan Tate · 11/06/08 06:10AM

After calling Fox News Channel to task for its Barack Obama coverage, the Daily Show's Jon Stewart asked Fox host Chris Wallace if the network might need to change its stripes under the incoming Democratic administration. Actually no, Wallace said, because Obama, like all presidents, will inevitably screw up, and skeptical coverage will be rewarded. "Let me just say," Wallace added, "I worry about you. That William Ayers joke bombed. This crowd is not ready." He had a point.

Fox News Infighting Over Obama: Awkward

Ryan Tate · 03/24/08 04:06AM

Fox News Channel had its own "Jane You Ignorant Slut" moment Friday when anchor Chris Wallace jumped onto Fox & Friends and said the hosts were being unfair to Barack Obama. The show had, for two hours, been replaying the Democratic presidential candidate's remarks about how his grandmother was a "typical white person," according to Wallace. The Fox News Sunday host thought that was maybe distracting people from timelier information, like the fact that Obama had just been endorsed by former presidential opponent Bill Richardson. The Fox & Friends people thanked Wallace vociferously for calling them on their shit on national television, since Fox is all about constructive, open conflict. Ha ha, just kidding, they gave him all kinds of nasty snide hell as seen in the scenes pasted together after the jump.