Congressman Will Stop Abortion in Kenya, Too

Jim Newell · 03/30/11 03:40PM

Rep. Chris Smith is the House Republicans' go-to "abortion guy." He's behind the rape-redefining No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act. He gets in fights with congresswomen who have had abortions. But it's not enough for Chris Smith to merely focus on domestic abortions. He also has to fly to Kenya, on taxpayer dollars, to ensure there aren't any abortions there either.

House Republicans Are Already Redefining 'Rape'

Jim Newell · 01/28/11 01:13PM

Give them credit: It's only January, but the new Republican-controlled House is already obnoxiously redefining "rape" in pieces of legislation. Under their plan, only abortions from "forcible rape" would be eligible for government funding, instead of the much simpler "rape."