Adobe-Yahoo rumor? Confab thrower's attention grab

Nicholas Carlson · 08/22/08 09:20AM

Professional linkbaiter Guy Kawasaki reports a "juicy tidbit" from the Gnomedex conference in Seattle: "Adobe is scratching their collective chins and in deep thought considering a Yahoo acquisition." We don't believe it. With a $23.61 billion market cap, Adobe isn't exactly in a position to spend $40 billion on Yahoo, even its stock price has finally sunk below where it was when Microsoft made its offer. So why the rumor? Look to its source: Chris Pirillo — the guy who puts on the Gnomedex conference, of which we admit to only a vague awareness before Pirillo sent a Twitter message about the rumor and got everyone talking about it. And him. And his conference.

Chris Pirillo gets pwned on Pownce

Owen Thomas · 07/27/07 07:49PM

Chris Pirillo, the tech pundit and conference organizer, doesn't mind being exposed. But he does object to people stealing his identity, as some unknown user has done on Pownce, Kevin Rose's file-sharing service. Pirillo says he hasn't signed up on Pownce, and doesn't know who's using the username "chrispirillo" on the service. Among the people the faux Pirillo appears to have taken in, if you can trust any username on Pownce: Digg cofounder Jay Adelson, spokesblogger Robert Scoble, and Internet-TV personality Veronica Belmont. One thing Pirillo might want to look into: Someone has also signed up for Pownce with the login "lockergnome," the name of Pirillo's popular tech website.

Nick Douglas · 07/10/07 03:48PM

"You can help? 'Cause I can get Web 2.0 to work on my Mac, but not on Windows Vista...I went to Best Buys and they gave me Web 1.0, but that didn't work on Vista." So says Chris Pirillo, tech commentator and wit, in this video conversation with some telemarketers. [YouTube]

Bloggorrhea: Scoble's cancer

Nick Douglas · 10/16/06 07:50PM
  • Bigtime blogging couple Robert and Maryam Scoble presented "10 Ways to a Killer Blog" this weekend. One rule Robert learned: If you call HP's chairwoman "a cancer," then find out she has cancer, it's wise to apologize. [Xark]

Loose Wires: White and Nerdy

Nick Douglas · 09/15/06 10:05PM
  • Mr. Cheney goes to Menlo Park: The big Dick is raising money for the Republican Party in a reception at Sequoia Capital, just to prove that a neocon can get something out of Northern California. [KCBS]

Geeks Gone Wild gallery

ndouglas · 02/23/06 10:25PM

Right, with all these geeks taking their clothes off, it's time for a recap. Shield your eyes.