Real Housewives of New York: Mask of the Red Death

Brian Moylan · 05/13/11 01:06PM

Last night on Mutual of Omaha Presents The Little Engines That Can't there were a couple of parties and at both women made asses of themselves, but only one of them had a real ass. Not a donkey, Sonja Morgan's.

Somehow, Bravo Finds Ways of Getting Even Gayer

Richard Lawson · 10/12/10 01:04PM

Bravo announced a new slate of reality shows today, and they all sound... Just like everything else on the network. Which isn't a bad thing! Not necessarily. For example, Project Runway's Chris March is getting his own show!

Not Too Costumey

Richard Lawson · 03/03/08 10:22AM

An interesting (if a bit tame) interview with Project Runway's lovable costume designer, Chris March. He discusses his affectionate relationship with fellow contestant Rami and amorous fans who want to lick him "from head to toe." [AfterElton]