People's Sexiest Man Alive Is Hot If You Like Giant Boring Blond Men

Allie Jones · 11/19/14 08:28AM

Attention people who like sexy men: People has crowned an Australian actor the Sexiest Man Alive. No, it's not Hugh Jackman. It's uhh, you know, that guy from Thor (who's seen Thor?). Your Sexiest Man Alive is a tall blond dad named Chris Hemsworth.

Botoxed Fairy Tale: Charlize Theron's Aging Queen in Snow White & the Huntsman

Rich Juzwiak · 06/01/12 02:20PM

Snow White & the Huntsman has several cool tricks up its ornately designed sleeve, but the coolest one of all is its focus on its wicked queen's existential crisis. That is, after all, what's always driven the action of this oft- and increasingly told tale – the aging queen's savage jealousy of younger beauty is what forces Snow White away from her rightful castle, into the cabin of seven dwarves. It's what almost kills our protagnoist and it's what unites her with her true love, a prince.

Which Hemsworth Brother Will Reign Supreme?

Louis Peitzman · 04/15/12 04:40PM

The Hunger Games dominated the box office this weekend — the fourth in a row — but there is serious competition on the horizon. All-star superhero flick The Avengers opens May 4, with a good chance of making big money. Of course, this is America, and we love stories of two brothers facing off against one another. So, hey, let's make this about Liam Hemsworth vs. Chris Hemsworth.

The Continued Employment of Jesse L. Martin

Richard Lawson · 07/21/11 05:15PM

One of television's most likable workhorses may still be in this race. Also today: a long lost Joss Whedon movie sees the light of day, the VMA nominations then cast all that light away, but then Annette Bening brings it all back.

Harry Potter Is the Ultimate Terrorist Slayer

Richard Lawson · 05/02/11 04:15PM

The next, and final, Harry Potter film just might profit off the death of a terrible old terrorist. Weird world we live in. Also today: some TV pilot news, more Hunger Games casting, and a Chris Hemsworth makeout fantasy.

Thor: Notes On a Scandinavian Scandal

Richard Lawson · 12/13/10 04:24PM

Here's a trailer for Thor, the latest addition to Marvel's growing Avengers lineup (which will soon be a movie all its own). Star Trek spacefox Chris Hemsworth (Miley's bf's brother!!!) plays the mythical Norseman stuck in the human world.