The Triumphant Return of Web Soup — Now With 50% More Poop Jokes!

Chris Wyman · 03/31/11 11:40AM

After a cold open featuring a zombified Chris Hardwick invading the set of Tosh.0, G4TV's Web Soup quickly returned to business: riffing on the enormous pile of internet "crap" that's accumulated in the 41 weeks since the series last aired.

Web Soup Exposes the Genius Behind all Viral Videos

Whitney Jefferson · 05/27/10 12:34PM

What, did you think viral videos just happen? Common misconception. Meet Edward Salazar, viral video artist. He, along with his green-man crew, are the "accidents" that happen to people that are posted online for all to enjoy.

Web Soup Highlights Blasphemous "You Testament" Video Game

Whitney Jefferson · 05/13/10 10:45AM

Host Chris Hardwick brought our attention to a quite an interesting game during last night's episode of Web Soup. Watch a clip of an RPG in which you're God and killing anything and anyone you want—including Jesus.

Chris Hardwick on Twitter and Stupid People

Jon Martin · 04/13/10 08:00PM

G4 network alumni and host of 'Web Soup' Chris Hardwick, sometimes lends his comical expertise to Chelsea Lately's roundtable panel. Here, Hardwick discusses annoying people on twitter and the word "retarded."