Hamilton Nolan · 08/02/13 03:49PM

"The idea of a writing workshop makes me want to throw up," says Choire Sicha, who's right about writing workshops.

A Surreal Night with Arianna Huffington

Ryan Tate · 10/20/09 06:17PM

The Huffington Post's tech reporter attended a wild Los Angeles party with Arianna and woke up without all his belongings; MySpace made a reporter feel dirty and Choire Sicha got not-quite-solicited advice on his vagina. The Twitterati were bewildered.

Rumor: Conde Layoffs in Chicago Today

Hamilton Nolan · 10/08/09 01:22PM

In your thrashed Thursday media column: More Conde layoff rumors, Martha Stewart's evil company gets sued, media hair racism persists, and Choire Sicha declaims on the current technomedia foofaraw.

The Rebel Yell of the Twitterati

Ryan Tate · 08/25/09 06:05PM

David Simon told television viewers to go screw themselves; Jane Fonda established a rallying point for her fellow travelers and Choire Sicha and David Carr watched a bust go down. The Twitterati celebrated troublemakers.

Life Is Good for the Twitterati

Owen Thomas · 01/12/09 04:49PM

The media live deeply ordinary lives. Okay, deeply ordinary lives in which their bosses buy them caviar. The Twitterati report in with a feast for the senses:

50 Cent Is Reading This

Hamilton Nolan · 11/10/08 03:20PM

Choire Sicha learns 50 Cent's darkest secret: CS: "So wait, you get up in the morning and look at, like, Perez Hilton?" 50: "You better look at Perez Hilton,, Concrete Loop, Gawker — you can skip Media Takeout." [LAT]