Heartless Couple Sells Home, Throws in Son's Cat for an Extra $140,000

Jay Hathaway · 10/14/14 01:10PM

An Australian couple selling their multi-million-dollar home had a tough decision to make when the buyer refused to close the deal unless he could also have their cat, Tiffany. The Perceval family agreed to the proposal in exchange for an extra $140,000, reported. They don't seem to have any regrets.

Tight Baggy Jeans Achieve Holy Grail Of Pants

Hamilton Nolan · 04/29/08 02:16PM

These new jeans may be a turning point in the evolution of pants. It goes like this: first, baggy jeans came into style. People bought big pants and let them sag. Then, baggy pants slowly went out of style, and tight pants came into fashion. But still—people missed their baggy pants. Fast forward to this moment in time: a company called Soulful Commandoe has introduced jeans that are both tight and baggy at once. This breakthrough was apparently achieved through the addition of several vertical inches of fabric in the waist area, as well as the inclusion of some gratuitous suspenders. Truly a development that will go down in fashion history. Click through for some larger pictures [The Gluttony via Satchel of Gravel] of this Pants Pants Revolution:

Choire · 09/13/07 03:00PM

Dan Golden has announced he would rather work for Joanne Lipman at Portfolio (as a senior editor) than Rupert Murdoch at the Wall Street Journal. (Well, he was in the Boston bureau, and we'd work for Bonnie Fuller or Satan to get out of Boston, so.) Two related things: First, we heard a big editor at the WSJ quit right after the Murdoch and Col Allan visit last week. Second, wow, isn't Portfolio on a major lockdown right now? Not a PEEP out of that place in weeks! [Romenesko]