To push Yahoo deal, Google's dumpster-diving lobbyists recycle talking points

Owen Thomas · 05/26/08 11:00AM

In the '90s, Washington PR firm Chlopak Leonard Schechter pushed anti-Microsoft information that its client, Oracle, had obtained through hiring investigators to rifle through garbage. Now working for Google, Chlopak is taking a greener approach: It's reusing Google-friendly quotes already aired in the press as fill-in-the-blank quotes for other journalists. Chlopak flack Rob Haralson does not note that the quotes, which support Google's proposed deal to take over Yahoo's search advertising, mostly come from Google executives or lawyers speaking anonymously. Still, Haralson may not be acting as strategically as he thinks. The quotes portray the deal, which is facing antitrust scrutiny in Washington, as no more significant than a supplier providing parts to a PC maker. That may not be a particularly good analogy — has Haralson ever sat in on an Intel negotiation? Google's recycled arguments: