The Unlikely True International Story of the Man Called Orange Brother

Christopher Beam · 11/25/15 01:03PM

Li Hongjun did not usually take selfies. But out in the orange grove, he was not in his usual state of mind. It was early February, and the lunar New Year was approaching. It’s considered good luck to set out a bowl of oranges during the Chinese holiday, so Li, figuring he could use some luck, decided to buy some for his restaurant, the Jade Tea Farmhouse, located on a dusty road in little-known Wuhua County, population 1.3 million, in Guangdong Province.

Hamilton Nolan · 11/05/15 02:21PM

The Chinese stock market, which crashed spectacularly this summer and sent the entire world into a medium-grade financial panic, is now back in bull market territory again. Booming! Invest now, before it collapses again next year.

China's One Child Policy Is Now a Two Child Policy

Gabrielle Bluestone · 10/29/15 08:10AM

China’s one-child policy, enacted in an effort to control the country’s swelling population, is no more as the workforce shuffles toward the grave with no youthful replacement in sight.

Hamilton Nolan · 10/15/15 08:15AM

In China, “Pepsi has confirmed it’s working with a licensing partner on a line of mobile phones.” Okay.

Hillary Joked About Chinese Hackers Over Unsecured Private Email

Sam Biddle · 09/30/15 03:37PM

The biggest problem with Hillary Clinton’s off-the-books email server isn’t the affront to transparency, but the incalculable national security risk it presented. A newly released email from Clinton’s State Department days shows the prospect of Chinese infiltration was literally a joke to her.

China to (Finally) Announce Landmark System to Fight Climate Change

Melissa Cronin · 09/24/15 09:45PM

The world’s biggest carbon emitter is expected to announce plans to finally implement a program to put a price on pollution. At the White House on Friday, Chinese President Xi Jinping is expected to introduce a long-awaited national cap-and-trade program to be implemented in the country in 2017.

Hamilton Nolan · 08/19/15 01:33PM

The Chinese stock market’s sickening recent plunge potentially endangers the entire global economy, but do not worry: China’s richest investors have already cashed out. Ignorant middle class investor-gamblers, don’t miss this unique chance to jump onto a sinking ship. Buy now!

Chinese Millennials Sound Like the Freaking Worst!

Hamilton Nolan · 08/14/15 09:30AM

Americans know that the newly empowered “millennial” generation is the greatest threat to our nation’s stability. But did you know that China’s millennial generation has the potential to be even worse?

How My Grandfather Helped Nixon Visit China

Sultana Khan · 07/15/15 01:15PM

On this day in 1971, President Richard Nixon, to the complete surprise of the American public, announced that he would be visiting communist China in 1972. It was an abrupt, about-face departure from a stance the vehemently anti-communist Nixon had campaigned upon. But the lost lives and political costs of the Vietnam war—as well as the insistent advice of Nixon’s Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger—led Nixon away from his intransigence and into a momentous meeting that would shape the course of American diplomacy and international affairs for decades.

Reminder: Don't Borrow Money to Invest

Hamilton Nolan · 07/07/15 09:18AM

China’s stock market, the most high-flying in the world lately, is now mired in its inevitable crash. What rises too high shall fall again. In the long run, it will be okay. Unless you did something stupid.