Jane Goodall Was Not Amused by John Oliver's Ideas About Chimps

Jay Hathaway · 10/27/14 08:48AM

On this weekend's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver welcomed renowned chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall to his ongoing series, "Great Minds: People Who Think Good," where he drags famous scientists down to his level and tries to beat them with experience. Several willfully stupid questions later, they agreed on exactly one thing: Poothrow Hitler would be an amazing name for a chimp.

Aw, We Think He’s Human: Disneynature’s Chimpanzee

Rich Juzwiak · 04/20/12 11:25AM

This year's Disneynature's Earth Day documentary offering, Chimpanzee, is the latest in a rash of documentaries about the emotional lives of animals to emerge in the past year or so. Project Nim, One Lucky Elephant and The Whale (my favorite of the bunch because it was responsible for one of the most moving cinema experiences I've ever had) dissect and bemoan humans' complicated relationship with those whom we share Earth with – the good, the bad, the exploitative. Those three movies present stories of direct human interaction and, more specifically, how human interruption can severely fuck up innocent animal lives.

Will Science Survive Without Killing Monkeys?

Hamilton Nolan · 12/15/11 04:09PM

Chimp research! Bird safety! Nemo extinction! Raptor claws! Rat acid! Alkali oceans! Lemur meat! Dolphin jetpack! And real talk words of wisdom about our current chemistry debates! It's your Thursday Science Watch, where we watch science—with compassion!

Loose Chimpanzee Channels Inner Rage, Trashes Cop Car

Morgan Barry · 10/20/10 11:03AM

A 300 pound pet chimpanzee managed to escape from his owners Kansas City home yesterday—true story! Watch the footage of his standoff with the local police and animal control, complete with commentary from the amused neighbors.

Charlie the Smoking Chimpanzee Dies at 52

Max Read · 10/07/10 02:47AM

Charlie, a South African chimpanzee famous for smoking cigarettes while being an ape, has died at age 52, having lived ten years longer than the average chimp despite his tobacco habit. That doesn't mean smoking is good for you, however.

Today on Oprah: Bisexual Apes!

Matt Cherette · 10/04/10 03:18PM

Today's Oprah featured—among other things—a report by Lisa Ling on Kanzi, the most famous Bonobo (aka Pygmy Chimpanzee) in the world. What did we learn about Bonobos from the segment? Most notably, that they're bisexual freak-a-leaks! Video inside.

New Study Shows Chimpanzees Go to War Over Territory

Max Read · 06/21/10 09:42PM

A decade-long study of chimpanzees in Uganda appears to show that chimps wage war and annex territory, assembling into patrols and killing chimpanzees from other groups. On the other hand, baby chimps are really cute.

If You Don't Read This Post, We'll Kill This Chimpanzee

Kyle Buchanan · 08/27/08 01:30PM

While it pains us to stoop to the animal-threatening tactics of National Lampoon, it seems that Hollywood is far more cavalier with the fates of its four-legged thespians. According to the LAT, one of filmdom's most enjoyable genres — that of the monkey movie — is being assailed by PETA activists, who are demanding that actor chimps be replaced by CG versions. They allege that the trained monkeys are being abused to solicit a performance — and based on this anecdote about "Clyde," the orangutan from Every Which Way But Loose, they may have a point: