Texas Gun Nuts Are So Crazy Even The NRA's Gun Nuts Hate Them

Adam Weinstein · 06/02/14 03:45PM

The toughest thing about being a paranoid armed misogynist bully with a smug sense of self-satisfaction is, it's hard to make friends. Even the gun lobby now hates the heroes of Texas Open Carry, having realized that it's hurting the cause of universal free gun love with its guns.

Assholes With Guns Are Shocked That Chili's Won't Serve Them

Adam Weinstein · 05/28/14 10:00AM

You can't undo social injustice with inaction. Which is why these armed freedom fighters have taken to chain restaurants to plead nonviolently, and counterproductively, for their liberty to eat a quesadilla salad while scaring the fuck out of everybody in the joint.

Pigs, Picnic Tables, a Barbecue Sauce Fountain: Chili's Jingle Singer Gets a Fitting Funeral

Rich Juzwiak · 01/07/13 01:45PM

When William B. "Willie" McCoy (aka Wolf Johnson) died last September, his sister teamed up with the geniuses at Dallas' Golden Gate Funeral Home to give him a proper send-off. Willie at one point sang with the Drifters but made his biggest mark singing bass in that haunting Chili's commercial that stuck to pop culture like BBQ sauce on ribs. (Oddly, the version featuring Willie doesn't seem to be on YouTube, so here's Nsync's.) That song was sung at his funeral/home-going ceremony, which also featured a barbeque sauce fountain, shrieking pigs, giant rib sculptures, a picnic and a preacher in a chef's hat. Naturally, this was all captured by TLC in a one-off special that aired last night called Best Funeral Ever.

What Does Your Choice of Casual Dining Chain Say About You?

Hamilton Nolan · 09/30/11 10:41AM

Interchangeable pseudofood joint Chili's—intent on "spicing up its brand"—is spending millions on a new ad campaign, one part of which is summed up thusly by the company's ad genius: "How he behaves is bold, how she behaves is bold, and the food we're featuring in the spot is boldly flavored."

Woman Is Shocked to Learn That Her Local Chili's Has Closed

Matt Cherette · 01/06/11 03:23PM

There's really not too much to this video. It's only about 10 seconds long, it features only one person, and she only speaks a couple of sentences. But boy oh boy is it the funniest thing I've seen all day.

These Are the French Fries That Could Kill You

Brian Moylan · 09/23/10 12:33PM

You can't have a hamburger without a side of fries. Heck, French fries are sometimes a meal unto themselves, but either way there's no getting around the fact that they're unhealthy. Here's a ranking of the worst offenders in America.