Chilean Miners Unemployed and Depressed, Like the Rest of Us

Seth Abramovitch · 10/12/11 02:57AM

The NY Times has a follow-up on the 33 rescued Chilean miners, most of whom are unable to find jobs and find themselves poorer than a year ago, when their 69-day ordeal began. The sponsored trips to Israel, the U.K. and Disney World have all but dried up. What's left is a group of men suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder.

Disney Scrambles to Solve This Whole Demi Lovato Mess

Richard Lawson · 11/15/10 03:58PM

They'll protect her popular TV show at all costs! Also today: the Chilean miners might get their story told in the movies, some new TV scheduling revolutionizes and evening, and young couples are in love.

Chilean Miner Makes His American TV Debut on David Letterman's Couch

Whitney Jefferson · 11/05/10 10:00AM

Edison Pena, one of the 33 men trapped inside a mine in Chile, made an overwhelmingly enjoyable appearance on last night's Late Show. Despite having to speak through an interpreter, he managed to be funny and perform an Elvis impression.

Chilean Miners Already Sick of Media Attention

Adrian Chen · 10/16/10 03:27PM

According to the AP, Chile's rescued miners are "hoping the media will give them some space." Well, if you didn't want to be media stars, why'd you get trapped in a mine and survive 69 days underground? [pic AP]

Unexpected 34th Person Rescued from Chilean Mine

Bryan Ridgell · 10/14/10 01:02PM

The Chilean miners delved too deeply while underground, and discovered an unexpected someone from pop culture! Rescue workers took pity on the unpleasant person and rescued him anyway. See animated footage of the last person (character) out of the mine!

6 Badass Moments from the Chilean Miner Rescue

Maureen O'Connor · 10/13/10 05:31PM

Chile's miners have been called heroes. But with designer sunglasses, sexy love triangles, and vows to booze it up as soon as they go free, they may be the world's biggest badasses. Six badass moments from the rescue so far.