Chilean Miners Already Sick of Media Attention

Adrian Chen · 10/16/10 03:27PM

According to the AP, Chile's rescued miners are "hoping the media will give them some space." Well, if you didn't want to be media stars, why'd you get trapped in a mine and survive 69 days underground? [pic AP]

Jon Stewart Mocks the Coverage of the Chilean Mine Rescue

Matt Cherette · 10/13/10 11:26PM

A few hours ago, the last of 33 miners was rescued from Chile's San Jose mine. On tonight's Daily Show, Jon Stewart said what we all were thinking regarding much of the media's hyperbolic coverage of the saga. Watch inside.

Last Chilean Miner Rescued

Adrian Chen · 10/13/10 08:37PM

At around 9:55pm Chile time, Luis Urzua became the last miner to be rescued from the San Jose Mine. Here's video of Urzua emerging from the "Phoenix" rescue vehicle and hugging Chilean president Sebastián Piñera.

6 Badass Moments from the Chilean Miner Rescue

Maureen O'Connor · 10/13/10 05:31PM

Chile's miners have been called heroes. But with designer sunglasses, sexy love triangles, and vows to booze it up as soon as they go free, they may be the world's biggest badasses. Six badass moments from the rescue so far.

This Is What Happens When You Crash a Chilean Rodeo

Jeff Neumann · 09/24/10 03:51AM

A 17-year-old animal rights activist was lassoed and dragged by rodeo riders in Chile last weekend after she and another protester entered the corral and disrupted the Patriotic Celebration Festival. Chilean cowboys take their rodeo riding seriously.