Suri Cruise Has an iPad

Maureen O'Connor · 06/03/10 11:21AM

Lest there be any doubt that Suri Cruise's life is better than yours: "Along with having over 100 pairs of shoes… 4-year-old Suri proves again she can keep up with adult trends—this time with her very own iPad."

Frances Bean Cobain Shopping For $7 Million Condo

Ryan Tate · 12/18/08 02:51AM

Oh, hey you guys, anyone know of a good apartment for Frances Cobain? She's thinking downtown, a room for her mom, maybe an office. No more than $7 million, though. Eight, tops.

Political Séance

Ryan Tate · 08/25/08 07:46PM

"NBC News’ strategy in hiring young Luke Russert is now clear: whenever anything happens, Brian Williams can ask Luke what his dead father thinks about it." [Wonkette]