Judge Tells Man to Temporarily Retire his Manjunk or Face the Consequences

MTanzer · 12/08/12 04:23PM

Corey Curtis, a Wisconsin man, was about $85,000 behind in child support payments for two of his nine children (more on his super sperm in a minute). After pleading no-contest to one charge of felony bail jumping and one charge of failing to pay his child support, he received an uncommon punishment as part of his probation sentencing.

Andrea Peyser Would Never Break Linda Evangelista's Heart

Hamilton Nolan · 05/04/12 08:43AM

"Let's teach horny frogs to zip it up" is the headline today on the professional newspaper column written by Andrea "Sexxx Sexxx Sexxx Sexxx Embittered Tabloid Lady" Peyser. Seems like a good headline for someone whose primary interests are anger and frog cocks. (Andrea Peyser.) What is in this column, today?

TV's Favorite Tea Party Congressman Sued for $117K in Child Support

Jim Newell · 07/28/11 12:57PM

Are you familiar with freshman Republican Rep. Joe Walsh? No? That's okay! Just turn on any cable news channel at any time. He'll be there. Producers love to book him, and he loves to be booked. His politics can best be described as anti-any-compromise-ever, and he is rude. Another interesting thing about Joe Walsh is that his ex-wife is suing him for $117,437 in unpaid child support.