Missing Baby of Career-Minded Stripper Finally Found

Lauri Apple · 07/27/11 07:14PM

Are you a goal-oriented person who, for career focus-related reasons, has recently placed your newborn in the care of a near-stranger? If so, you should probably prepare some answers for when the police come asking about your baby's whereabouts.

Botox Mom Loses Custody

Maureen O'Connor · 05/16/11 01:37PM

Well, that was quick. Good Morning America reports that Botox Mom Kerry Campbell has lost custody of the 8-year-old daughter she bragged about beautifying with Botox and "virgin waxes." Child Protective Services is investigating the case; in the meantime little Britney Campbell is away from her mother and "doing well." [GMA]

Britney's Babies Call Out For Help From Supermarket Checkout Aisle

mark · 08/01/07 11:14AM

With the simultaneous release of covers stories trumpeting the plight of Britney Spears' two young sons [Ed.note—Weren't there three at one point? Maybe she left one in the Bellagio on her last trip to Vegas. Pls. research.] in progressive-parenting journals Us Weekly and Life & Style, an air-raid siren has been sounded at the headquarters of California Child Protective Services, and a van full of baby-repossession officers immediately dispatched to the Spears residence to investigate explosive charges of infant over-juicing, toddler teeth-whitening, and high-end real estate squatting.