Judge Tells Child Molester He's 'Gayer Than a Sweet-Smelling Jockstrap'

Seth Abramovitch · 05/10/11 12:15AM

Wisconsin Judge Philip Kirk sentenced a 71-year-old, former school bus driver named Delton Gorges to seven years in prison today. Gorges' crime? Sexually assaulting four boys over the course of 40 years. Gorges, who was once married and has a child, swears he's straight, prompting the judge to make the following observation:

This Little Girl Is Not a Fan of Grapefruit Juice

Matt Cherette · 01/12/11 02:53PM

This video is cute—well, it's cute in a "Did that little girl just get possessed by Satan?" way. Anyway! This is Penny. Because Penny's parents are horrible, they decided to feed her grapefruit juice and film the results.

This Toddler Is Addicted to Angry Birds

Matt Cherette · 12/10/10 03:00PM

Ayden is two-years-old; therefore, he should care about nothing but candy and pooping, right? Nope! Because Ayden's addicted to Angry Birds, and not even a bribe of candy can make him loosen his grip of his dad's phone. Watch inside.

Adorable Kid Really Wants His Nose Back

Matt Cherette · 12/08/10 04:48PM

For your Wednesday edition of, "BAWWWWW!" we've got not an animal video, but one featuring a real live human—two, in fact: a father who "steals" his son's nose, and the little boy, who adorably—and repeatedly—asks for it back.

Watch a Girl Age 10 Years in 90 Seconds

Matt Cherette · 12/02/10 04:09PM

Meet 12-year-old Natalie. If you don't want to meet Natalie at 12, how about at 10? Or four? Or 18 months? Or birth? Because you can, by watching this time-lapse featuring one photo of her a day for 10 years.

'Child' Magazine Go Bye-Bye

abalk2 · 03/27/07 12:01PM

Another fallen soldier: we hear Meredith has aborted baby book Child magazine. Damn you, Cookie, you won't be happy until you have the entire market to yourself, will you? Learn to share! From the inside: "They're keeping 6 people on staff to put out final issue. Everyone else has been asked to leave by tomorrow. Nice guys at Meredith."