Amish Chickens Flee McMansions

Hamilton Nolan · 06/30/09 10:46AM

The Way We Live Now: Stripped up, ripped up, shacked up and backed up. From the chicken plant recession war to the Amish RV salesman slinging jelly to the empty rows of McMansions—getting paper is a life-threatening hobby.

Survivalist Chicken Coops Sprouting Up Across America

John Cook · 04/18/09 10:00AM

A confluence of localvore do-gooderism and desperate poverty is transforming America's suburbs into a Third World hellscape, because otherwise-normal people are raising chickens in their backyards.

Unsung Heroes

Hamilton Nolan · 02/19/08 02:34PM

A respectful, comprehensive, and interesting overview of the historical evolution of the design of farm magazines. A must-read for poultry portrait aficionados. [Design Observer]

Yuppy Brooklyn To Welcome Plucky New Neighbors

Doree Shafrir · 02/21/07 03:46PM

As much as people in Brooklyn like to complain about their neighbors—loud noises, kids, dog poop, the fact that other people exist—we can't wait to see the brouhahas that will undoubtedly ensue when people start raising chickens in their backyards because it's some sort of hip, vaguely ironic gesture: