The Guy Who Played Chewbacca Really Wanted to Bang Carrie Fisher

Adam Weinstein · 01/13/14 01:30PM

We all know Peter Mayhew, even if we don't realize it: He played Chewbacca, the lovable Wookiee in the original Star Wars trilogy. And judging from his Twitter feed in the past week, he's more of a fanboy than we realized: He badly wanted to form a sexy rebel alliance with Princess Leia.

Creaking Cabinet Door Sounds a lot like Chewbacca

Christopher Han · 12/03/10 10:46AM

This guy always has Chewy in his house; every back and forth from this cabinet door lets out another Chewbacca grunt. Soon enough they'll sell these cabinets as "special edition."

Chewbacca On The Run After Alleged Sexual Assault Of Marilyn Monroe

mark · 07/09/07 06:43PM

The all-too-fragile peace of the Hollywood Walk of Fame impersonator community has once again been shattered by an alleged act of character-on-character violence, with Fake Marilyn Monroe accusing Handsy Chewbacca of assaulting her during an otherwise routine tourist shakedown. Reports our local CBS affiliate on the distubring attack of a ersatz American icon sure to rock the Chinese Theatre to its very foundation:

May 25th Is 'Star Wars' Day!

seth · 05/10/07 02:19PM

It's hard to believe, but May 25th marks the 30th anniversary of the release of the first installment in George Lucas's career-defining, not-at-all-silly epic space opera, making it as good an excuse as any to push through some civic legislation designating it Star Wars Day in Los Angeles. Our friends at Curbed LA snagged a copy of the resolution:

Handsy, Drunken Captain America Found Guilty Of SuperJunk-Enhancement

mark · 04/24/07 04:03PM

Continuing the proud tradition established by the Hollywood Walk of Fame's own Head-Butting Chewbacca and Picketer-Baiting Batman, Melbourne, Florida's Genital-Touching Captain America has taken a place of honor in the Fake Superhero Justice League with his recent arrest, detailed by The Smoking Gun, on counts of drunken handsiness, marijuana possession, and third-degree package misrepresentation for his stuffing of a burrito into his tights during a costumed pub-crawl. TSG also has video of the booking, in which the disgraced defender of America is subjected to a humiliating, symbolic surrender of his crimefighting uniform's cowl and red boots.

Batman And Chewbacca Vs. The Crapper-Guarding Picketers

mark · 03/23/07 05:19PM

The fitfully peaceful, tourist-clogged badlands in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre were once again plunged into a state of superhero-induced lawlessness yesterday, when a frustrated Batman, momentarily abandoning his longtime mission of the avenging the downtrodden, angrily whipped off his cape, raised his bewinged gauntlets, and threatened to enact his trademark brand of vigilante justice upon the nefarious picketers who would deny him a long, satisfying BatDump. Reports ABC 7 (there's incredible video on their website as well) on the caped crusader's shocking arrest:

Short Ends: Outlaw Wookie On The Loose In Hollywood!

mark · 03/14/07 09:10PM

· Is Head-Butting Chewbacca on the loose at the Galaxy Complex on Hollywood Boulevard? We're not sure that's the same Wookie outlaw, but we advise all tour guides passing through that area to wear protective headgear, just in case. (More pics here.)
· Hillary's "Fuck You '07" Tour A Resounding Success.
· A new design usability study reveals that dudes love to stare at George Brett's pine-tar-stained package.
· Hey, unicorn defense!

Short Ends: The Number 24

mark · 02/22/07 09:52PM

· She's right, you know: If you're looking for the number 24 everywhere, you're going to find it everywhere.
· All that is required for the triumph of neglectful-pop-star-parent-evil is that good nannies be silent.
· Banging Harvey Weinstein has absolutely nothing to do with Marchesa's Georgina Chapman getting her designs onto the bodies of Oscar nominees who may want to work with Weinstein in the future.
· If Chinese Theatre Spider-Man's Oscar picks weren't your thing, how about some by a creepy ventriloquist's dummy?
· And speaking of the Chinese Theatre characters, the Chewbacca headbutt comes right at about the two minute mark on this one.
· Katie Holmes: Vagina Warrior. We'll leave it up to you to figure out on your own what horrors might lurk at that link's destination.

Rampaging Chewbacca Arrested For Act Of Wookie-On-Tour-Guide Violence

mark · 02/02/07 04:43PM

The peace of the Hollywood Eden represented by the area in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre, that idyllic commune where seekers from around the globe gather to connect themselves to the show business continuum by placing their hands inside concrete indentations left by performers both living and dead, was momentarily shattered yesterday, when an aggressively panhandling faux-Chewbacca crashed his skull into the head of a brave tour guide disturbed by the renegade Wookie's attempt to perpetuate the kind of Polaroid-proffering extortion police are eager to expunge from the city. Reports the LAT: