Chevy Chase Is Leaving Community, Effective Immediately

Taylor Berman · 11/21/12 07:57PM

After three and a half years, Chevy Chase is done at Community. The agreement to part ways was apparently mutual and will take place immediately. Chase's departure won't have much of an impact on the critically-acclaimed show's fourth season - all but two of the season's episodes had already been filmed – but it will likely have a positive impact on the sitcom's morale.

Community As We Know It Is Over

Matt Toder · 05/18/12 11:38PM

News just broke that Sony has not extended the contract of Community showrunner Dan Harmon. Instead of signing him for two years at the end of season 2, as is customary, Harmon and Sony agreed to a one year deal and now that Community has been renewed, Harmon is out. Somewhere in Southern California, Chevy Chase is smiling.

He's Not Chevy, He's an Asshole: A History of Chevy Chase's Horrific Behavior

Max Read · 04/05/12 02:20PM

"When you become famous, you've got like a year or two where you act like a real asshole," Bill Murray told Tom Shales and James Miller when they interviewed him for Live from New York, their oral history of Saturday Night Live. "You can't help yourself. It happens to everybody. You've got like two years to pull it together — or it's permanent." He was talking, of course, about Chevy Chase, his opponent in a famous backstage fistfight. The two are friendly now, and it seems as though Murray wanted to imply that Chase had "pulled himself together" following his sudden rise to fame.

Just Fire Chevy Chase

Louis Peitzman · 04/02/12 10:10PM

I have no trouble picking a side in the feud between Dan Harmon and Chevy Chase. (Team Harmon, in case that wasn't immediately clear.) But inevitably, it doesn't matter: Chase did some things, Harmon said some things, Chase said some things back. Maybe they're both at fault, in which case I should probably be writing a more measured analysis of their beef.

This Is Chevy Chase's Former Hamptons Mansion, And You're Not

Richard Lawson · 06/17/10 02:16PM

The former SNL fall-downer and current Community curmudgeon sold the property back in 2001, but for years he roamed the historic home, presumably bought with his Cops & Robbersons riches. Now it can be yours, for $33M.

Chevy Chase Isn't Feeling Martha's Lentil Love

Eleni Crush · 06/04/10 03:14PM

Martha, along with Chevy Chase and his wife Jayni, cooked up some lentil burgers this morning. However, Chevy wasn't exactly looking forward to consuming them, which he not-so-kindly told Martha. But all was made well when Chevy promised to strip.

Five Things Hot Tub Time Machine Will Ruin Forever

Brian Moylan · 03/26/10 04:44PM

If you do one thing this weekend, go see Hot Tub Time Machine, preferably on a mind-altering substance. It's really that good. However, there are some things this master of obvious comedy is going to change forever.

The Ghosts of SNL Presidents Past

Mike Byhoff · 03/03/10 01:44PM

The most recent Funny or Die original accomplishes something other than being funny or dying: It unites four(!) generations of legendary SNL cast members in the same room together. Quite a feat. Oh, and it's really funny.

Community's Theme Song Gets a Friends Revamp

Whitney Jefferson · 03/02/10 01:19PM

If Community's theme song was more similar to this, do you think it would have a better viewership? Here's a mashup of the classic Friends intro with our favorite Community College friends.

Community Achieves Comedy Gold Without Using a Single Word

Whitney Jefferson · 02/05/10 01:41PM

Sexual tensions were high during last night's Community when the gang realized that "unlike a real family, there is nothing to stop any one of us from looking at the others as a sexual prospect." Let the longing glances begin.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 10/08/09 06:51AM

Actor (and Michael Bloomberg supporter) Matt Damon turns 39 today. Soon-Yi Previn, or Mrs. Woody Allen, is turning 39, too. Chevy Chase is 66. Rev. Jesse Jackson is turning 68. Sigourney Weaver turns 60. Former presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich is turning 63. Director Ed Zwick is 57. Children's author R.L. Stine is turning 66. Netflix founder Reed Hastings is 49. Comic book writer Harvey Pekar turns 70. Nick Cannon is 29. Jeremy Davies is 40. And actor Paul Hogan of Crocodile Dundee fame turns 70.

Every Nerd Will Have His Day

Richard Lawson · 03/16/09 10:21AM

A director gets a big new job, and so does MacGyver. SAG stalls, Chevy Chase steps on the gas, the Sci-Fi Channel takes a soft left turn, while nerds everywhere gather and celebrate.

Paltrow to the Rescue

cityfile · 10/21/08 06:06AM

♦ Who's helping Madonna cope with her nasty, public divorce from Guy Ritchie? Best pal Gwyneth Paltrow, of course. "You know, she's a dear friend, and I'm supporting her in all [the] ways that I can... she's a very good friend." [Us, AP]
♦ In other Madonna news, Guy Ritchie now believes Madonna is spying on him, Madonna is now suggesting she wants to raise her kids in NYC, and Alex Rodriguez wants to move so he can be closer to the love of his life. [The Sun, People, R&M]
♦ Least plausible rumor ever: "Well placed sources" say that if Obama is elected president, he'll consider making Oprah British Ambassador. [TMZ]

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 10/08/08 06:30AM

Matt Damon turns 38 today. Woody Allen's bride, Soon-Yi, is celebrating her 38th, too. Chevy Chase turns 68 today. Jesse Jackson is 67. Dennis Kucinich is 62. Sigourney Weaver is turning 59. Children's author R.L. Stine is 65. Director Ed Zwick is 56. Comic book legend Harvey Pekar is 69 today, as is Paul Hogan of Crocodile Dundee fame. Netflix founder Reed Hastings turns 48. And Angus T. Jones, the little boy in Two and a Half Men, is 15.