Various Iterations of Your Dad Are Now In Fashion

Dayna Evans · 03/01/14 03:43PM

Your dad in the 90s. Your dad in his den with a bag of chocolate-covered pretzels. Your dad when he met your mom at Club Ipanema in 1971. Like a choose-your-own-adventure edition of staying #ontrend, fashion is now easier than ever. Just take a page from pa's lookbook—casual, unfussy, and now replete with swaths of porny chest hair.

Sexy Men Are Happy to Show Their Sexy Chests

Ravi Somaiya · 12/03/09 05:26AM

Men do not have breasts. But our chests are beautiful creatures in their own right, which is probably why the man-cleavage, or heavage, is taking America by storm. We are apparently in a new "golden age of male chest hair."