Chelsea Handler Is Just Being Her Topless Self on Twitter Again

Jay Hathaway · 02/13/15 05:15PM

Instagram, the official social media platform of nipplephobes, doesn't know what it's missing. Chelsea Handler isn't even trying to post her topless photos there anymore—she's already tried thrice, and thrice did they refuse. Now she's taking them straight to Twitter, where she's appreciated, goddammit.

Instagram Banned Another Photo of Chelsea Handler's Boobs

Jay Hathaway · 12/29/14 05:10PM

Miley Cyrus was not the only celebrity trying to stick it to Instagram with her nipples this weekend. Chelsea Handler, who has long opposed the Facebook-owned photo app's double standard for male versus female toplessness, went topless again Friday as part of her ongoing #FreeTheNipple protest.

Chelsea Handler To End Talk Show in August

Rich Juzwiak · 05/28/14 03:05PM

Come August 27, there will be no female late-night talk show hosts on U.S. TV. In a press release, E! announced Chelsea Handler's vehicle Chelsea Lately will end with an "hour-long live event" on Tuesday, August 26.

Are You There, Chelsea in 30 Seconds

Matt Toder · 01/12/12 12:50AM

Tonight NBC premiered a new sitcom, Are You There, Chelsea wherein Laura Prepon (of That 70's Show) plays Chelsea Handler and Chelsea Handler plays her own older sister. The show is based on one of Handler's memoirs, Are You There Vodka, It's Me Chelsea and even though NBC decided to strike the vodka mention in the title, they left in plenty of alcohol-related sentiment. While it is certainly not as gratuitously offensive and terrible as Work It, it has about the same number of jokes. Here is the show boiled down to its essence.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Are Having the Most Boring Love Affair Ever

Maureen O'Connor · 11/08/11 11:31AM

Blake and Ryan do nothing but stay home and walk their dogs. Kelly Rowland says Beyonce is having a girl. Jamie Lynn Spears makes her country singer-songwriter debut. And can you guess who Lindsay Lohan's Playboy pictorial is "inspired" by? Tuesday gossip wears a Slanket and eats soup.

Shia LaBeouf and Marilyn Manson Walk Into a Cabaret...

Jeff Neumann · 08/28/11 09:03AM

Shia LaBeouf has a public spitting problem, Chelsea Handler was booted from a bathroom stall, Sofia Coppola got married, Simon Cowell and Muammar Qaddafi have a lot in common, and the cast of Jersey Shore barely escaped Hurricane Irene. Sunday gossip has made landfall.

The Sad, Sexy Ballad of Chord Overstreet

Richard Lawson · 07/05/11 05:08PM

The blonde moptop was going places on TV's Glee until he abruptly wasn't. Also today: Bridesmaids is super successful, the new Chelsea Handler sitcom is not, and some info on actresses' paychecks.

Zac Efron Is About to Get Sexually Thrilling

Richard Lawson · 05/13/11 04:09PM

I know you never thought it possible, but little Troy Bolton is about to get sexual and thrilling, all at once. Also today: tons of TV news about renewals and cancellations, plus a sexy little companion piece to the Efron news.

Shocking Lady Gaga Confession: 'Oops, I Broke a Nail'

Maureen O'Connor · 05/11/11 10:52AM

Lady Gaga breaks a nail and flips off a bunch of rich people. The royal wedding made Fergie feel "totally worthless." Heidi Montag warns that reality stardom is "hard." Wednesday gossip triumphs over adversity.

Chris Brown Escapes Arrest for Window-Busting Tantrum

Maureen O'Connor · 03/23/11 10:20AM

A gleeful Chris Brown galavants around town after breaking Good Morning America's window. 50 Cent gives Chelsea Handler a backhanded compliment. Hugh Hefner's fiancee may already be cheating. Wednesday gossip shakes its haters off.

Courtney Love Storms Back to Twitter

Adrian Chen · 03/17/11 12:02AM

Courtney Love's history with Twitter is, like her history with everything, a rocky one. She vanished from the site in January after being sued for defamation by fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir over a tweet. You'd figure the fact that she paid out $430,000 to settle that lawsuit would have kept her off for good.