These Manhattanites Have a Pool in Their Living Room

Brian Moylan · 06/15/11 01:50PM

Today in rich people things: Here is a Manhattan couple selling their Chelsea townhouse that has a full-sized swimming pool in the living room. Yes, that's right. They have their own swimming pool that's probably larger than your whole apartment.

This Awful Poetry Video Is Not a Spoof

Brian Moylan · 03/23/11 03:52PM

Poet Craig Moreau has made one of the most hilarious YouTube videos I've seen in awhile. It seems like a parody of a self-important gay party boy poet who has written a book of poems called Chelsea Boy. But it's not a joke at all.

Barefoot Contessa: The Time Ina Had Multiple Foodgasms

Matt Cherette · 03/19/11 06:27PM

Rejoice! The Barefoot Contessa recap is back! On today's brand new episode of Ina Garten's rich (in many ways), televised culinary compendium, East Hampton's HBIC sank her teeth into—and got some intense pleasure from—a cornucopia of good eats.

Harrison Ford's $16M Chelsea Penthouse

Richard Lawson · 12/06/10 12:54PM

The Six Days Seven Nights actor is selling his 5,664 sq.ft. W. 17th Street pad, complete with four bedrooms, a home gym, and views to kill, for a mind-boggling $16M. The priceless religious artifacts cost extra, though.

This Is the Creepiest Event Promo Ever

Matt Cherette · 10/11/10 12:54PM

Here's a video of a few body paint-laden women crawling around creepily to the tone of eerie music and equally eerie noises. Is it a music video intro? A short film? Nope—apparently, it's the scariest event promo ever.

Every Gross Detail About Speidi's Sex Tape and the Hell It Hath Wrought

Maureen O'Connor · 08/23/10 08:39AM

Welcome to Monday's gossip roundup, in which we gather every horrifying new detail about Speidi's sex tape (blackmail! ultimatums!) and how it inspires Snooki's ex. Meanwhile, Brad Pitt wants to murder BP executives and LiLo's lawyer heads back to court.

Chelsea Slasher Subdued by Salsa DJ and Crew

Jeff Neumann · 07/09/10 04:56AM

Apparently upset about the price of a pair of shades in a Chelsea boutique, a man yesterday brandished a knife and stabbed the store manager. He stabbed more people outside before being subdued by a Salsa DJ and his crew.

The New Portion of the High Line Will Be Perfect for Hooking Up

Brian Moylan · 06/24/10 04:46PM

Yes, there are going to be more lawns, bleachers, entrances, elevators, see-through decks, and a brand new garden space called the Chelsea Thicket when the stretch of track from 20th Street to 30th Street is opened to the public. You can see them in the representational drawings of the city's hippest public space at the end of the video. They even have animated people showing you what will happen in the park at night. Our favorite? A shadow man and woman who are approaching each other from different directions, they meet in the middle and the guy seems to say, "Hey, wanna get out of here?" and makes a hand motion. The lady agrees and they walk off together. Maybe he's taking her back to The Standard for a night of sex in the windows or cavort in their new topless bar Le Bain [NSFW]! Thanks, High Line for making all our dreams come true.

Yes, the Jersey Shore Boys Are Queer as Can Be

Brian Moylan · 06/23/10 10:29AM

MTV guidos Ronnie, The Situation, and Vinnie adorn the cover of the Village Voice shirtless. No big deal, right? Apparently the boys didn't know it was for the "Queer Issue." They may not agree, but that couldn't be more true.

Lindsay Lohan's Feet Are Covered in White Powder and Other Terrors

Brian Moylan · 03/29/10 10:44AM

What is going on with LiLo's shoes? Kate Winslet is haunted by the ghost of relationships past. Sandra Bullock abandoned her house too. Gerard Butler's hands wander frighteningly. Demi Moore shrieks on Twitter. Monday's gossip is scared senseless.

Awful Clubs and Soulless Condos, Together at Last

Hamilton Nolan · 03/29/10 09:29AM

Are you one of those "young people whose true religion is music?" Marketing consultants have determined the proper place for you to live: in a gleaming, Miami Beach-style condo on West 30th street. Where music lives!