Staff Uniforms: Designers' Dirty Little Lucrative Sideline

cityfile · 08/19/08 03:01PM

Thompson LES, the latest addition to Jason Pomeranc’s hotel franchise, recently opened its shiny doors. (Well, prematurely half-opened: Before you book a room or head over for a drink, bear in mind that the pool, outdoor bar, and restaurant are still under construction.) The luxe lodge's rooms are equipped with mini-bars stocked by Dean and Deluca, Sferra linens, and Frette robes. But most importantly, guests won't be offended by badly-dressed staff, thanks to their Rogan Gregory-designed uniforms. But Gregory, who collaborated with Bono on the eco-friendly clothing line Edun, is far from the first designer to cash in by dressing the help. Employees at other swanky hotels, waitstaff at restaurants, athletes, and even the Boy Scouts can boast of high-end names on their uniforms' labels. For example:

The End Of Schadenfreude: A Cheerleader Dies From Breast Implants

Rebecca · 03/25/08 10:55AM

Let's keep it real: No one is ever over high school. Even if you had friends and seemed cool, you were secretly miserable and insecure. (Projecting!) Cheerleaders at my high school didn't actually care enough about me to be mean, but still, what bitches. Anyway, the captain of the West Boca High varsity cheerleader squad died of complications from breast implants on Saturday. There's so much about this story to hate on, but still, dying at 18. That's just terrible. [Palm Beach Post]