Rudy Has Been Down This Road Before

cityfile · 12/16/09 11:31AM

Tiger Woods has a supporter in former mayor (and fellow philanderer) Rudy Giuliani. At the premiere of Nine last night, a reporter asked the ex-mayor if he had a message to send the scandal-plagued golfer. "Hang in there," Giuliani replied before going on to describe Woods as a "very, very fine man." Okay, who's next? Care to share your thoughts, Mr. Spitzer? [Us]

Today on Maury: How to Make Panty Soup

Mike Byhoff · 12/14/09 12:36PM

So today's Maury wasn't about paternity. Using the Law of Averages, that means it has to be about cheating. A hidden camera in Maury's green room catches one of the most shameless acts of cheating in the show's history.

David Blaine: Cheater

Hamilton Nolan · 09/23/08 01:43PM

Is David Blaine a big cheater or what? The droopy-eyed "magician" is currently engaged in his latest stunt, hanging upside down for 60 hours in Central Park. Except that ever since he started yesterday afternoon, we've been getting emails from bystanders saying that he wasn't hanging upside down—instead, he was resting by standing on a platform, only to be hoisted up several minutes later. We don't know the official explanation, but whatever it is, this sure is a crappy stunt. Here's photographic evidence:
6:45 p.m. yesterday:

Just like everybody else, eBay loses to the Patriots

Nicholas Carlson · 10/19/07 10:23AM

The New England Patriots have no tolerance for cheaters. To prove it, the team sued eBay-owned ticket reseller StubHub, demanding the names of 13,000 season-ticket holders who sold their seats above face value on the site. The Patriots argued that StubHub encourages fans to violate state law and team policies. A judge ruled in the team's favor yesterday. On the bright side, if eBay decides to write off its StubHub purchase, as it did with Skype, there's only $310 million to lose. (Photo by AP)

Blind Item: Microsoft's New Security Bitch

confonz · 05/04/07 12:24PM

CONFONZ — Ah, yes. the age old topic of security at Microsoft. Two great tastes that just don't seem to have ever made it into the same sandwich. With old MS demanding attention for its reinvigorated security efforts in Vista, you'd think they're have hired the right people to lock that sucker down. But as it turns out, this little lady, who remains safely hidden beneath the veil of secrecy we call the Blind Item, is a sure fire loser with a cheating past and a complete lack of skills. According to the buzz around her credentials, the only reason this hidden lass became so well known at Symantec before MS poached her is because she had help crafting exploits from someone very close to her. Too bad she decided to cheat on him, because when MS asks her to perform, she'll have no one to do her work for her!

Wait, that's legal? This week's most heinous business ideas

Nick Douglas · 10/17/06 07:48PM
  • Business 2.0 Magazine tells entrepreneurs to "sign up customers, then deliver." Which here means "Fake it, then take it" — their poster boy for this idea launches blogs full of rehashed info (okay, we all do that), then takes inquiring readers and refers them to real pros or gets a quick and dirty certification in the area of fake expertise. Sure, it's legal, until the malpractice lawsuits begin. [Business 2.0]

Make stuff up and we could all win a monitor!

Nick Douglas · 09/25/06 01:05PM

The organizers of the recent Future of Web Apps Summit (a chance for speakers to talk about the past of web apps) recently e-mailed to ask what I thought of the summit. Well I didn't go; neither did you, you have a day job. But the e-mail says I could "win a luscious 23 inch monitor!"