Police: At Least Two Suicides Linked to Ashley Madison Hack

Gabrielle Bluestone · 08/24/15 11:08AM

At least two people in a pool of 37 million Ashley Madison users outed as potential adulterers this week have committed suicide, police say, though it’s reportedly still unclear whether their deaths were a direct result of the hack.

Lacey Donohue · 11/18/13 11:12PM

According to the least surprising study ever, college students who cheat are attracted to politics and more likely to want government jobs than non-cheating students.

Cheating Is a Fantastic Feeling

Gabrielle Bluestone · 10/13/13 09:07AM

That guilty twinge you feel when you cheat on something? Probably never happened. Because you love cheating. Cheating feels great.

Take Off Your God Damn Livestrong Bracelets

Hamilton Nolan · 10/17/12 08:45AM

In 1996, cycling champion Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with cancer. By 1999, he had recovered and made a miraculous return to win the Tour de France. Five years later, the LIVESTRONG charity, which battles cancer, started distributing yellow rubber bracelets emblazoned with "LIVESTRONG" in honor of Armstrong's courage and tenacity. And now, eight long years later, it's time to cut that dirty motherfucking bracelet off your wrist and throw it into the trash.

Fact: Kristen Stewart Was Banging Rupert Sanders for Months

Leah Beckmann · 07/30/12 11:16AM

Kristen Stewart has made a cuckold of Robert Pattinson. But how long was the affair going on before she and Sanders got caught? Sources close to Stewart maintained that it started just weeks ago, but also that she and Sanders had only made out; does this look like the arching back of someone who only just made out? No way.

Have You Seen This Woman's Cheating Husband?

Leah Beckmann · 02/28/12 03:03PM

James "this loser" Kolb should be more careful about the computer-savvy women he double crosses. His wife took to Craigslist after finding pictures of James posing with a woman, presumably his girlfriend. Revenge is a dish best posted on the Internet. With the good-for-nothing's full name and location.

Did iPhone's 'Find My Friends' Just Break Up Its First Marriage?

Seth Abramovitch · 10/16/11 08:15PM

If you set aside the five or so hours it took to download Apple's iOS 5 this weekend, you were richly rewarded with a suite of new functions for your favorite brain-cancer-hastening communications device. And none were niftier than "Find My Friends" — appointed in the finest iNaugahyde, it's an app that allows you to plot your friends on a map as if they were enemy ships on a blinking radar screen.

Internet Sleuths Prove Qaddafi's Son Plagiarized His PhD Thesis

Adrian Chen · 03/03/11 09:08PM

The director of the prestigious London School of Economics resigned today amidst a scandal over his and the school's shameful coziness with homicidal Libyan dictator Colonel Qaddafi. The LSE accepted nearly $2.5 million in donations from Qaddafi-run charitable foundations, which is bad enough. But it also gave Qaddafi's high-rolling son, Saif al-Islam, a PhD. in economics for what appears to be a plagiarized thesis.

Is Bing Copying Google's Search Results?

Fast Company · 02/01/11 10:29PM

A Google engineer suggests Bing may be pilfering the search giant's results, and has showed the results of Google's digital sting as proof. Bing says the results offer little more than a lesson in "click fraud." Shots fired!

Meet the Reporter Who Was Cuckolded by Julian Assange

John Cook · 01/07/11 12:57PM

We've learned the identity of the sadsack American reporter who had his girlfriend stolen from under his nose by leaking lothario Julian Assange during a visit to Sweden last year: Vanity Fair contributor and Family of Secrets author Russ Baker.