CNN Is Stiffing the Waiters at Its RNC Celebrity Hangout

John Cook · 10/26/12 12:30PM

At both the Republican and Democratic conventions, CNN sponsored a splashy, invitation-only club called the CNN Grill to promote its unique brand of ponderous and dull cable-news fare to the press and politicians. You had to be on a list to get in, and Ari Fleischer was there, so you felt important. The drinks and food were free and—I can tell you from personal experience—it was constantly packed to capacity. And now the waiters and bartenders who worked at the Grill's Tampa, Fla., operation at the RNC are accusing CNN of not paying a promised tip.

Worst Writing Job Ever Offering 'Between .009 and .02 Per Word'

Cord Jefferson · 10/08/12 01:00PM

Back in September, we thought Prefix magazine's freelancer rates of $6 per day were about as bad as it could get in a desiccated media landscape where writers are exploited like the railroad workers of old. Today, a company out of Portland, Oregon, is making Prefix's rates look downright extravagant.

Book Store Owners Are Onto You, Cheapskates

Hamilton Nolan · 06/22/11 09:38AM

You think the owner of that book store doesn't know what you're doing? Oh, they know exactly what you're doing. You say you "love" books? You say you enjoy perusing the soothing aisles of a book store, so lovingly curated by a book store owner who spends his or her life ensuring that the very latest and most interesting book selections are there, presented for you in the most interesting possible way? You like that a lot? Yeah. So you can go home and order that shit online. Fuckers.

The Most Fiscally Responsible Congressman Ever

Jim Newell · 02/18/11 04:39PM

You see this, leeches? If you want a handout, don't go asking freshman Republican Rep. Dan Benishek, who is a medical doctor. His staff didn't spend all its time making this banner and posting it to Facebook for people to not see it. "If you are here to ask for more money, you're in the wrong office!" Can he be much clearer? So don't even try, because it's not going to happen. Dan Benishek is not your ATM, damnit. Says right there on the huge banner in the middle of his office.

The View Dedicate an Entire Show to Being Cheapskates

Kate Castellana · 11/10/10 02:41PM

Today's topic on The View was getting stuff for free. All the co-hosts began sharing stories about stealing condements, hotel toiletries and how not to get jipped on liquor at bars. Aren't these women getting paid?