The Predictions Game, With Famous Blogger Mickey Kaus

Pareene · 05/07/08 09:44AM

[Monday]"Obama by double digits" in N.C.: Predicted by a blogger using a sophisticated model that ignores ... what's been happening in the campaign. Like Rev. Wright. I predict this person is wrong! ... Update: He was right. ... [via Insta] 9:27 P.M.

abalk · 07/31/07 07:50AM

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts suffered a "benign idiopathic seizure" yesterday. While the Chief is reported as being "fully recovered," keep your fingers crossed for the guy; now that Democrats control the Senate, he's our last hope for rolling back the Constitutional rights of black people and women. [LAT]

Everything That's In Page Six Today And Where It Came From

Emily Gould · 07/25/07 02:20PM

Once in a while, every single item in Page Six except for the really obscure and favor-paybacky ones has either been reported elsewhere or is also simultaneously being reported everywhere. Today was one of those times, as this video, which was painstakingly spliced together by our fella Alex Goldberg, attests.