Finally, Rich People Get Some Attention

Richard Lawson · 06/23/11 05:15PM

After years of oppression, rich people in LA are at last going to get the treatment they deserve. Also today: Superman has a new mom, Game of Thrones has a new queen, David O. Russell likes lookin' at the ladies, and some Good Wife news.

Even When He Eats, It's Funny!

Douglas Reinhardt · 09/02/08 01:00PM

A medical professional must have been on hand at the Chateau Marmont to keep popular silver screen star Kirsten Dunst from busting a gut. The Spider Man star was laughing uncontrollably at the antics of Mac pitchman and ex-flame of Drew Barrymore, Justin Long. Dunst was thoroughly impressed by Long's comedic culinary consumption antics, even going as far as to say that Long is way funnier than "that Charlie Chaplin dude." Long reveled in the attention, even going as far as to moonwalk a piece of chicken into his mouth.

And Then Ashley And Selma Are All, "Lindsay's SOOO A Cokehead!"

Seth Abramovitch · 01/13/06 02:40PM

In LA, there are certain pushy pedestrian no-fly zones where celebrities can feel relaxed, knowing that they can luxuriate in their heightened level of existence without being thrown out of the fantasy with autograph or picture requests. The Chateau Marmont is a perfect example. Luckily for us, however, some of you could care less about bursting their protective bubbles:

Downey, Spader, And The Chateau

mark · 08/29/05 11:19AM

The Sunday LAT goes long-form with Robert Downey, Jr, who's willing to talk (and talk and talk) about his checkered (read: black tar heroin-abusing) past to promote his nth comeback in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, a profile bearing a 70/30 drugs-to-plugs ratio. Given Downey's gift for rambling on in colorful, confessional metaphors about What It's Like to be a recovering addict/movie star, almost the entire article is a potential pullquote, but how could we resist one that starts with a teenage Downey, James Spader, and the Chateau?