Dick Joke Involving Child-Rearing Expert Tom Cruise Gets Funnier

Foster Kamer · 08/01/09 09:40AM

Michael Jackson's doctor is still just as sketchy as before. Tom Cruise will raise your kids for you. Jude Law's new baby's name, rappers, witches, Heroes, Gossip Girls, and Ashton Kutcher's fake life. Presenting an epic Saturday Morning Gossip Roundup:

Jessica Gets Dumped, Ali Wise Gets More Bad News

cityfile · 07/14/09 06:17AM

• Tony Romo dumped Jessica Simpson the night before her 29th birthday. The worst part? She was forced to cancel the "Barbie and Ken-themed birthday party" she'd planned for the next day. [NYDN]
• Ali Wise, the publicist accused of hacking into the voicemail of Nina Freudenberger, has a new accuser: A fashion designer named Briana Rasinski has also filed a harassment complaint with the NYPD. [P6]
• Chace Crawford has moved out of the pad he shared with Ed Westwick. [Us]
• "Real Housewives" Jill Zarin and Danielle Staub got into a little tiff at an event the other night. No one was hurt, you may be disappointed to hear. [NYDN]
• Arrivals: Molly Ringwald gave birth to twins last Friday. And Mira Sorvino gave birth to a son after a "difficult pregnancy." [NYDN, Us]

On The Downtown Set Of "Gossip Girl"

Dashiell Bennett · 09/13/08 10:57AM

If you're reading this right now, they you probably weren't out all of last night partying it up on the Lower East Side ... with the "Gossip Girl" cast!!@#!1!!! Can you believe it? Hollywood stars right here in our little town! OMFG, indeed. Photos, stalker stories, and catering truck reviews should be sent here, so that this editor can finally figure out what this show actually is. We do have a couple of mini-reports so far and you'll never guess who Chase is kissing now! (He's the gay one right?) Spoiler alert?

The Weekend That Was

cityfile · 07/21/08 02:37PM

(1) The 9th annual Art For Life Benefit took place on Saturday at Russell Simmons' East Hampton house. Despite tickets not selling out as fast as usual, the event played host to Aretha Franklin, Christy Turlington, Lorraine Bracco, Soledad O'Brien, David Paterson, Diddy, Padma Lakshmi, Brett Ratner, LA Reid, the cast of Real Housewives of New York, Al Roker, Kelly Bensimon, Alina Cho, Simon de Pury, and Porschla Coleman—whose break up with Simmons, judging by their behavior, is either incredibly amicable or no longer in effect. [PMc]

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 07/18/08 06:53AM

Two members of the Gossip Girl gang are celebrating birthdays today: Chace Crawford is 23 and Kristen Bell is 28. Steve Forbes, who is not on Gossip Girl (but could very well be a fan? Steve?) turns 61 today. Brooklyn Museum director Arnold Lehman will be 64, New York's Adam Platt will turn 50, and Joe Torre will celebrate his 68th. Weekend birthdays: On Saturday, artist Marilyn Minter will be 60, Calvin Butts will turn 59, and ESPN's Stuart Scott will be 43. On Sunday, Gisele Bundchen will turn 28. Other birthdays on Sunday: the Times' Stuart Elliott, composer Michael Gordon, theater producer Rocco Landesman, and former VJ Simon Rex.

Isaac, Bottled

cityfile · 06/06/08 05:31AM
  • Haven't seen Isaac Mizrahi around much lately? That's because he's been holed up making his own pomade, since the product he usually uses is no longer on the market. If all goes well, he might sell his new creation and call it I-Hair. [Page Six]

Who Will Play Role Of Jessica Simpson's Boyfriend In Papa Joe's Sequel To 'Pimp My Daughter'?

Molly Friedman · 05/15/08 06:20PM

At this point in Jessica Simpson’s sad, sad career, it’s become clear that her only chance of making headlines is by sleeping with a new guy, getting dumped by that new guy, or whining over one of the many guys who’ve dumped and/or slept with her. As we learned this week, her most recent conquest — QB Tony Romo, who Jessica called “her future husband” in Glamour’s March issue before admitting that “this article could come out and Tony and I could be broken up” — rid himself of the Game Day Curse just as her ex-fling John Mayer was popping up all over the weeklies swapping spit with Jennifer Aniston and her fembot nips. Naturally, Jessica reacted by drinking herself silly and, we presume, making several late-night calls to her Dadager, Papa Joe, requesting her next romantic PR stunt stat. So the question is: which lucky bachelors will Joe pay off set her up with this time to guarantee continuous coverage of his darling daughter? Our suggestions, after the jump.