Adam Weinstein · 04/22/14 02:49PM

How do you really screw up a chart? This is how you really screw up a chart.

Which Countries Take the Most Shots Per Week?

Kyle Chayka · 02/03/14 11:30PM

Russians might be stereotyped as alcoholics, but according to a recent study by Euromonitor, it's actually South Koreans who drink the most. In a metric worthy of Jersey Shore, the study found that Koreans consume around 14 shots of liquor a week while Russians pound just 6. Laaaame.

This Is the Williamsburg of Your City: A Map of Hip America

Max Read · 01/29/14 11:30AM

What is your city's Williamsburg? What's its hippest—or formerly hippest—or sometimes just youngest—neighborhood, the one with the art galleries and the boutiques and the lines for brunch? (And what, for that matter, is its Bushwick, or "Next Williamsburg"?) If you don't know off the top of your head, don't worry. We do, thanks to the collective knowledge of Gawker readers.

Katy Perry Beats Lady Gaga In Least Exciting Charts Battle Ever

Rich Juzwiak · 08/21/13 01:50PM

Last week, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga released the first singles of their respective upcoming albums, Prism and (my fingers groan a little bit louder with old age every time I type this) ARTPOP. The ensuing battle to the top of the charts was like a taste test between a Saltine and a Saltine piled with sprinkles, truffle oil, caviar, gold flakes, Madonna's post-True Blue eyebrow pluckings, and lead paint chips from the walls of Andy Warhol's Factory. Both songs are meta-noise — Perry's reggae-lite "Roar" is about working up the nerve to cause a ruckus ("I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me ROAR"), while Gaga's aggressively ugly "Applause" is about having the nerve to declare how life-affirming ruckus directed at you can be ("I live for the applause, applause, applause"). If you play "Roar" and "Applause" simultaneously on stereos facing each other, the songs solve each other while opening up a black hole of infinite vacuousness.

Fox News Chartmakers Continue to Poorly Redefine Mathematics

Jim Newell · 12/12/11 04:30PM

The junior high school students who run the Fox News Charts Shop during detention have produced this latest visual explosion showcasing the unemployment rate's fluctuations under our current president, Obama. Some interesting findings here, specifically that the number 8.6 is the same thing as the number 9.0. If Obama can just get the unemployment rate down from 8.6% to 8.8% or 8.9%, then he'll be in the clear.

The IRS Is More Than Four Times More Popular Than Congress

Jim Newell · 11/16/11 05:10PM

Remember that old joke regarding Dick Cheney's 18% approval rating, about how there's a higher percentage of dentists who recommend chewing sugary gum than there is of Americans who approve of Dick Cheney? Now let's do a version of that with the 112th and current Congress, with its comical, dumpy rating of 9%.

7 Out of 10 Employers Reject Job Candidates Based on Social Media

Maureen O'Connor · 10/05/11 12:23PM

Online reputation managing company Reppler surveyed 300 "professionals" who participate in "the hiring process at their companies" to figure out the relative importance of job applicants' social media presences. Their findings: 9 out of 10 employers report using social media to screen prospective employees. 7 out of 10 report rejecting candidates based on their social media presences—and roughly the same number report accepting candidates based on their social media presences, too.

A Brilliant Diagram of the Lord of the Rings Movies

Brian Moylan · 05/10/11 11:15AM

Want to relive the Peter Jackson's classic Lord of the Rings movies but don't have the nine hours to spare to watch them all? Check out this chart by University of Florida student JT Fridsma that plots the story of the trilogy both geographically and on a time line.

How a Majority of Americans Came to Support Same-Sex Marriage

Jim Newell · 04/20/11 01:38PM

A CNN poll yesterday showed that 51% percent of Americans believe same-sex marriage "should be recognized by the law as valid," while 47% percent don't. The New York Times' Nate Silver notes that this is the fourth "credible" poll showing majority support for legalized same-sex marriage in the past eight months. Silver also created this chart (the kissing action to its right is our lil' touch, of course) using a regression to show how quickly America reached this majority-support position. Back in, say, 2000, the median citizen would've thought, "Eh, I don't know about those gays gettin' married... too weird." Nowadays that same citizen is like, "Sure why not." This is a remarkable shift in human psychology.

A Brilliant Map of Where Your Tax Money Is Headed

Ryan Tate · 04/18/11 03:16PM

On the day you say your final goodbyes to the government's share of your income, console yourself by checking out exactly where each dollar is going. A Google sponsored interactive visualization gives an incredibly detailed accounting.

Survey: Kids These Days Can't Get Laid, Except the Lesbians

Hamilton Nolan · 03/03/11 12:44PM

A new CDC survey of Americans and their people-fucking preferences contains at least two valuable pieces of information. First, that kids these days are getting laid less; "the proportion of 15- to 24-year-olds who have had some kind of sex dropped in the past decade from 78 percent to about 72 percent." And second, that ladies love ladies; "Twice as many women reported any same-sex contact in their lifetimes compared with men (13% of women and 5.2% of men)."

Science: The More Fox News You Watch, the Stupider You Get

John Cook · 12/17/10 02:43PM

A new study shows that Fox News viewers are more likely to believe demonstrably false things than viewers of other networks. Which is to be expected. But it also shows that the more you watch, the more misinformed you get.

Your Congressperson Got Richer Last Year. You Did Not.

John Cook · 11/18/10 03:44PM

From 2008 to 2009, the median household net worth for a member of Congress went up 19 percent. During the same time, the national median plummeted by 15 percent. This is known as a plutocracy.