Female? You Probably Hate Your Facebook Friends

Maureen O'Connor · 03/30/11 01:41PM

Coupon company Eversave surveyed 400 women about their Facebook friends. 83% of respondents admitted to being annoyed with friends' Facebook presences. 63% of women said their friends "complain all the time." 41% hated their friends' political views, and 32% were sick of their stupid perfect friends bragging about stupid perfect lives.

Which Tabloids Lie the Most?

Maureen O'Connor · 09/28/10 02:04PM

In the constantly-contradicting world of tabloid journalism, is anyone reliable? We analyzed 20 months of reported break-ups, marriages, and pregnancies to tabulate our first-ever Tabloid Reality Index, batting averages for America's five major celebrity glossies and the rumors they monger.

How Lindsay Lohan's Infamy Outpaced Her Fame

Maureen O'Connor · 04/29/10 01:30PM

How do Hollywood producers know when stars are "bankable"? They rely on a celebrity's Q rating, which tracks how positively or negatively the American public feels about that person.

New York is Number One!

ian spiegelman · 08/17/08 10:19AM

Suck it, London! Better luck next time, Tokyo! Paris, you're over! New York City is the most competitive city in the whole wide world, says this handy chart from The Economist. "The study ranks 500 cities on their ability to attract and use resources to generate wealth. The cities are assessed on nine measures, including income, economic growth, innovation, jobs, prices and the presence of multinational firms." Just one problem...

The Busiest Boys In Hollywood

Richard Lawson · 08/14/08 08:35AM

Oh look. Another Judd Apatow-related semi-sweet comedy. This one's called Role Models, and it features Apatow fixtures old (Paul Rudd) and new (Christopher "McLovin'" Mintz-Plasse). These people are the busiest dudes in the business. We know that comedic actors tend to travel in packs-like the old SNL posse (Murray, Martin, Akroyd) and the Ben Stiller/Vince Vaughn/Will Ferrell group-but these gents seem especially tight-knit and disarmingly productive. We're not sure where they get the time, but studios seem eager to throw millions at a bunch of comedies that can be filmed fast and cheap and Apatow and co. seem happy to dance for the nickels. Paul Rudd must never see his kid. Our Photoshop whiz Steve Dressler has put together the chart above, giving you an idea of the guys' large workload.

More Virgins, Fewer Sluts

Sheila · 06/04/08 02:07PM

The Center for Disease Control just released a study finding that teens are having less sex and doing fewer drugs than they were in 1991. We graphed the teen sex continuum—as you can see, there are fewer sluts (teens with over 3 sexual partners) and more virgins. [AP] Click for the graphicle!