Jacob Clifton · 05/10/14 05:30PM

Former Wicked Queen Charlize Theron is finally returning to SNL with the Black Keys tonight. It's been 13 years and she is a very weird, funny lady, so she should get along great with this year's weird, funny cast. Come on over to Morning After and we can watch it together (NBC 11:30/10:30c).

What is the Meaning of Life? And Other Questions Prometheus Fails to Answer

Rich Juzwiak · 06/08/12 01:40PM

Ridley Scott's Prometheus makes a huge production of not having very much to say. Either that or it just doesn't say it very well. It bestows itself with the impossible task of exploring the meaning of life, faith and the inextricable bond of creation and destruction – a storytelling endeavor of sci-fi proportions in itself.

Botoxed Fairy Tale: Charlize Theron's Aging Queen in Snow White & the Huntsman

Rich Juzwiak · 06/01/12 02:20PM

Snow White & the Huntsman has several cool tricks up its ornately designed sleeve, but the coolest one of all is its focus on its wicked queen's existential crisis. That is, after all, what's always driven the action of this oft- and increasingly told tale – the aging queen's savage jealousy of younger beauty is what forces Snow White away from her rightful castle, into the cabin of seven dwarves. It's what almost kills our protagnoist and it's what unites her with her true love, a prince.

Like The Rest of the World, Charlize Theron is Also Captivated by Michael Fassbender's Penis

A.J. Daulerio · 03/19/12 12:40PM

Michael Fassbender's Penis had a breakout 2011 thanks to its subdued but nuanced work in Shame, which was hailed by critics and his acting peers as a seminal performance. George Clooney was the first to give Fassbender's Penis high marks during the Golden Globes, but Charlize Theron also took time during the LA Human Rights Gala to say what a thrill it was to work in the presence of such a formidable talent:

Who Is Pippa Middleton's Mystery Man Friend?

Brian Moylan · 11/28/11 11:16AM

Pippa Middleton steps out with two, yes two, boys at once. J.Lo had a lovely holiday with her new hunk. Jennifer Aniston and her beau nearly ran into Brad Pitt. Justin Bieber's fake babymomma's ex boyfriend is causing drama. Monday's gossip needs relationship advice.

Jay-Z Says Kanye Is an Absurdly Annoying Control Freak

Maureen O'Connor · 11/14/11 11:17AM

Jay-Z confirms your suspicions about Kanye West. Brad Pitt wants to quit acting in "three years." Demi Lovato goes to a wedding and catches the bouquet. Lindsay Lohan returns to the nightlife scene. Monday gossip gets upstaged.

Young Adult: Diablo Cody's Newest Creation

Richard Lawson · 10/06/11 03:49PM

Here's a trailer for Young Adult, the new movie from Juno collaborators Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman. Do those names send chills through your spine? Good ones, or bad ones?

Musical Chairs Series to Finally Destroy Television

Richard Lawson · 09/22/11 04:45PM

Unfortunately America's real national pastime will soon be gone. Also today: lots of people take cold helpings of Revenge, Roseanne Barr gets some bad news, and Charlize Theron gets brutal.

Is a Rihanna Sex Tape Coming Soon?

Maureen O'Connor · 08/25/11 11:20AM

Is a Rihanna-J. Cole sex tape about to come out? Does Lindsay Lohan really think she is "just like Marilyn" Monroe? Christina Aguilera freaks over a child abuse rumor. Lady Gaga starts a fashion line with her sister. Thursday gossip has lecherous intents.