ABC Cancels Charlie's Angels

Brian Moylan · 10/14/11 02:51PM

Not every old TV show needs a reboot. ABC has canceled Charlie's Angels but will continue to air episodes that have already been produced. After all, we don't need "jiggle TV" now that we have the internet's vast porn library.

Finally a TV Show for People Who Hate Their Terrible Kids

Richard Lawson · 01/13/11 04:35PM

This oft-overlooked demographic may just finally get the TV show they deserve. Also today: a new Charlie's Angels is bad for America, more news about Law & Order: Los Angeles shake-up, and superhero sneak peeks!

Cleveland's Very Own Verison of Charlie's Angels

Whitney Jefferson · 05/17/10 11:27AM

A trip to the Casino results in Cleveland betting—and losing—his daughter's college money. After discovering he'd been played for a fool, he recruits his wife and friends to create a plan of action and his own Cleveland's Angels.

AMC: It's Not TV, It's Rich People's TV

Richard Rushfield · 11/13/09 12:38PM

It has been noted that all political careers end in failure. So too must all show biz careers end in bombs. A shame AMC can't just quit while they're ahead, but then, that wouldn't be show biz.

The Top 10 Female TV Characters Women Want To Be Like And Men Want To Be With

Seth Abramovitch · 08/07/08 05:05PM

You didn't think we'd post last week's Top Ten of the coolest male TV characters without following up with one dedicated to all the honeys, now, did you? And while our definitive men's list—checked and rechecked by a panel of TV experts canvassed at various local correctional facilities and gourmet coffee outlets—surprisingly met with some vocal opposition, we're confident its vagina-filled counterpart will please even the most persnickety of TV-lady lovers. There's only one way to know for sure, however. Click play, and decide for yourselves.

Once Upon A Time, There Were Three Little 'Charlie's Angels' Who Hated Each Other's Guts, Recalls Conan O'Brien

Seth Abramovitch · 03/28/08 12:05PM

Conan O'Brien was the lead guest on The Tonight Show last night, and he graciously left behind his tape measure and fabric swatches, while Jay Leno kept his passive aggressive put-downs of his scheduled usurper to a comfortable minimum. Among his entertaining anecdotes, Conan recalled the time he hosted the Emmys of two years ago—before Fox got their cracked-out claws into them, and transformed the ceremony into a one-ringed-circus presided over by Master of Women's-Footwear-Identifying-Ceremonies Ryan Seacrest. Describing the tense scene from the wings, Conan recalled an increasingly desperate stage manager giving a live play-by-play of the Charlie's Angels diva-feud that could very well have altered the course of Aaron Spelling Production cast reunion history forever.