Dr. Oz Airs Debunks Claims Charlie Sheen's Former Quack Made on Real Time

Rich Juzwiak · 02/10/16 03:30PM

Today’s episode of Dr. Oz returned to the subject of Charlie Sheen’s HIV and the experimental treatment he received from a “doctor” who practices in Mexico, Sam Chachoua. Chachoua allegedly injected himself with Sheen’s HIV positive blood and more recently discussed his treatment of arthritic goat milk on Real Time with Bill Maher, on which Chachoua received 10 minutes of airtime with virtually no scrutiny from Maher.

Charlie Sheen's Blood Returned to Detectable Levels of HIV After He Went Off His Meds and Visited a Quack in Mexico

Rich Juzwiak · 01/12/16 04:55PM

On today’s episode of Dr. Oz, Charlie Sheen revealed that he had gone off the live-saving cocktail of antiretroviral drugs he was prescribed to treat his HIV, which predictably caused the level of HIV in his blood to become once again detectable. Sheen said when he came out as HIV positive, he began to receive offers of alternative medicines that he then explored. At one point he said of his antiretroviral therapy as “amazing for the [viral load] number, but I don’t know how amazing it’s been for me, ya know?”

How Is It Possible To Be HIV Positive and "Absolutely Healthy"?

Rich Juzwiak · 11/19/15 12:45PM

When Charlie Sheen announced earlier this week on the Today show that he is HIV positive, he added that through antiretroviral treatment, his viral load is now undetectable. “My medical team could only shake their heads as each and every blood test returned levels revealing a state of remission,” he wrote. In going public with his status, Sheen introduced the country at large to the emerging reality of what it means to be HIV positive in 2015.

Report: Charlie Sheen to Announce He's HIV Positive

Gabrielle Bluestone · 11/16/15 01:30PM

According to reports, Charlie Sheen will go on the Today show tomorrow to announce he’s been diagnosed with HIV—just one day before a National Enquirer report discussing his sex life is scheduled to drop.