Charlie Rose Does the Dougie, Does Not Break Hip

Robert Kessler · 10/03/12 02:35PM

It's been a while since we've checked in on CBS, television for people who lost the remote, so what's going on over at the Eye Network? Is Colin Powell still singing "Call Me Maybe"? Nope, it's just Charlie Rose yelling at you to get off his lawn dancing.

Obama Reflects on Biggest Mistake of His Presidency Thus Far

Louis Peitzman · 07/14/12 12:17PM

In an interview for CBS This Morning, Charlie Rose asked President Obama what the biggest mistake of his presidency has been. It's a tough question for any president to answer — especially when he's campaigning for reelection — but Obama's answer was fairly straightforward.

Charlie Rose's Vampirish Glare Coming to Morning TV

Hamilton Nolan · 11/15/11 03:05PM

In your overcast Tuesday media column: new faces at the CBS Early Show, Native American journalists are broke, UK editorial staffs decline, a New York Times fashion app, and Conde Nast launches its own ad network.

Michele Norris Leaves NPR for Husband's Dumb Job Thing

Hamilton Nolan · 10/24/11 01:05PM

In your magic Monday media column: Michele Norris takes a hiatus at NPR, fuckery at Gannett, The Daily Beast TV is here, newspapers roll out a false slogan, and Charlie Rose on morning television would be... good.

Has the United States Shifted into Oligarchy?

nightintern · 10/26/10 07:00PM

In a recent discussion about the middle class, author Jacob Hacker explained to Charlie Rose that policy changes over the last half-century—and not technological advances, as many would claim—are responsible for the United States' income disparity. Watch inside.

In Which Charlie Rose Interviews His Own Son

Christopher Han · 10/21/10 07:05PM

With literally every hour-long Charlie Rose interview posted online, it's quite easy to find the pieces you need to put together a spoof. Here CollegeHumor wonderfully recreates the lighting to match the original video as Charlie plays Dad.