“He Took the Time to Chat”: Ken Starr’s Plea for a Child Molester

J.K. Trotter · 11/15/13 03:26PM

What’s Ken Starr up to these days? According to Virginia court documents, the famously pious former Clinton prosecutor recently pleaded with a Fairfax County judge to let a confessed child molester go free. Because he’s a family friend. Here’s the letter.

The Political Leanings Of America's Anchors

Nick Denton · 02/08/08 04:20PM

Harris Poll asked TV viewers, both Democrat and Republican, to name their favorite and least liked news personalities. The results of the survey, crunched and displayed on our chart, are fascinating.

Choire · 08/27/07 11:10AM

ABC "World News" anchor Charlie Gibson wasn't interested in funning around with T.V. comedian Stephen Colbert and his fake campaign against "wrist violence," even though other big T.V. anchors did. HuffPo blogger Rachel Sklar talks to the Times about going on the Colbert show: "It's a test. If you play along, you're funny and cool, and if you don't, you're stiff and boring. How people like Brian Williams and Katie Couric react to him are an indication of what they are really like—their instinctive reactions are measures of their good humor and authenticity and humanity." That is SICK. It's the worst, most antijournalism, most cult-of-personalityish, upside-down end-of-days take on what newsreaders, even in their current reduced state, should be that we've heard in ages. Also: Those appearances exhibit Katie Couric's authenticity? Yeah. No. Maybe the opposite of authenticity actually.

abalk · 07/26/07 09:59AM

"Can it be true that, as Charlie Gibson seems to prove at ABC's "World News," the news audience likes getting 22 minutes from older gray-haired men?" Eww, Liz Smith. Just eww. [NYP]

abalk · 06/04/07 10:35AM

That compares to ABC's 89 cents for Charlie Gibson watchers and NBC's 55 cents for bargain Brian Williams. To be fair, you've got to figure in the extra medical costs that the old people who watch CBS incur. [NYP]

Will You Buy Tunes From Amazon?

abalk2 · 05/17/07 08:54AM
  • Amazon to open digital music store that will only sell DRM-free music—so copy away, as often as you like! Our heroes! Suck it, iTunes. [LAT]

ABC Totally Pissed At Alessandra Stanley

abalk2 · 03/08/07 12:40PM

A letter to Romenesko, sent to us as well, by ABC News Senior Vice President Jeffrey W. Schneider begins: "There are glaring errors in Alessandra Stanley's column today." At this point there's little more to do than shrug one's shoulders and mutter the Hebrew from the Passover question. We're not sure how something like this could have happened!

Media Bubble: Maer Reports To Yusef

abalk2 · 02/28/07 09:32AM
  • Surly Maer Roshan only talks to Yusef Jackson. Yusef talks to Ron Burkle. It's called plausible deniability. You know, allegedly. [NYO]

Remainders: Gucci Knockoff

Doree Shafrir · 02/27/07 06:35PM
  • This guy made a fake Gucci ad using himself as the model, and a Swiss weekly ran it. The bill went to Gucci. Now he's M.I.A. [BoingBoing]

Charlie Gibson's Favorite Child Born

abalk2 · 08/17/06 10:41AM

Congratulations to former ABC News anchor Elizabeth Vargas and husband Marc Cohn, proud parents of another baby boy. Little Severance Wyatt Cohn arrived on Wednesday weighing seven pounds, nine ounces. The boy was born with a "full head of hair" and the lifelong burden of having to hear how he killed his mother's career.

Media Bubble: Kids and Media, Part 8 Million of a Series

abalk2 · 08/11/06 11:20AM

• Young people like iPods, social networking, the internet. Reading newspapers? Not so much. You're shocked, right? Who keeps putting up the money to fund these studies? [Guardian]
• Wait, young people! If you promise to watch the news, Brian Williams will read your e-mails and Katie Couric will blog for you! Not curmudgeonly uncle Charlie Gibson, though. He just wants you to sit down, shut up, and listen to what he's saying. [NYP]
• We would pay good money to see a bare-knuckle fight between Bill Cosby and Len Downie. Seriously. [Romenesko]