Charlie Day Advises Graduates to Not Give A Shit In Commencement Speech

Dayna Evans · 05/20/14 06:45PM

As videos begin to surface of this past weekend's numerous university commencement speeches, there is only one that is worth reliving graduation for: Charlie Day, who plays Charlie Kelly on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, gives a meandering, goofy speech to Merrimack College that results in one important lesson: don't be afraid of failure.

Horrible Bosses: Horrible Is Right

Richard Lawson · 05/12/11 01:16PM

Here's a trailer for Horrible Bosses, the new star-studded comedy about a trio of unhappy dudes who decide to kill their, well, horrible bosses. The cast is great (Charlie Day! Colin Farrell! Aniston!) and the concept is fun, so why does it look so... dull?

The Gang Grants Charlie His Strangest Wishes on It's Always Sunny

Henry Baker · 11/19/10 01:25AM

There's no more bewildering place than Charlie Kelly's dream journal, apparently a random collection of drawings and symbols displaying his greatest aspirations. The rest of our heroes try their best to give him these gifts, if only for one day.

The Olde Timey Live Sunny Theatre Showe

Richard Rushfield · 09/17/09 01:09PM

The scale and volume of the following for TV's most unlovable gang of losers was on display last night at New York's Beacon Theater where the gang put on a musical entitled The Nightman Cometh. Defamer went to bear witness.

Nothing Says Hollywood Like 'Old Lesbians'

Richard Lawson · 07/01/09 10:04AM

Today old people do fun, romantic things. A great TV actor gets a chance to play second-fiddle in a movie. Lesbians go front and center, as do aliens. Also, Grey's Anatomy is everywhere.